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  1. E

    Video Positioning

    Hello everyone, I'm currently working on a web project and I'm having trouble positioning a video element below my navigation bar in a responsive manner. No matter what I try, I can't seem to get it right. Here's what I've attempted so far: <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="sv"> <head> <meta...
  2. G

    Answered issue with z-index

    I'm rebuilding a site with a really old custom wordpress template and running into an issue with using z-index properly. The logo in the footer is supposed to float over the separation of the main content area and the footer, but the top of the logo that overlaps the content area is getting cut...
  3. B

    Strange Positions update in FixedUpdate()

    Hi, I'm trying to addForceAtPosition at the position of a triangle of the mesh of my moving rigidBody object. At Start() I'm storing the mesh information I need in multiple Arrays like the local positions, the surfaces or the normals of the triangles of the mesh. As trianglesPositions are...
  4. W

    CSSZengarden Sticky Earth Animation

    Hello everyone! I am having trouble with a webpage of mine I want to submit to www.CSSZengarden.com. I am trying to get the spinning earth's animation position to be sticky so that it scrolls up or down with the page. I had it at one point, however, in my attempt to figure out how I did it, I...
  5. Theshado

    HTML & CSS CSS positioning

    Hi everyone, I am working on a Laravel/Vue/Tailwind site and could use some advice from some of you more experienced front end developers on how to tackle a problem such as the one in the image I have attached. I imagine for this particular project the solution would be to create the arch as...
  6. G

    CSS text wrapping around positioned image

    I'm working on a site where I have a block of text overlapping an image using positioning. The block overlaps the image fine, but the text within the block is wrapping around the shape of the image instead of overlapping it. Any thoughts on how to get the image to overlap the underlying image...
  7. momo98

    HTML Absolute positioning in Gmail

    Hello everyone, I have a coding problem. I want to embed the following code in Gmail for my signature. However, the CSS function "position: absolute; " is not supported by Gmail. Would you be able to reproduce the following code without using the value “position: absolute; and keeping the same...
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