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  1. H

    Problem with my var

    Hello I post this because I have some problem with my var my code look like this #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <string.h> #include <SDL.h> void SDL_InitApplication(void) typedef struct { SDL_Window *window; SDL_Renderer *renderer; } App; int main(int argc, char...
  2. L0L2G00D

    JavaScript Help with a problem?

    is there any way to figure out if an answer contains a part of pi? let fakePi = 3 fakePi.isPi = true let fakePi = 3.1 fakePi.isPi = true let fakePi = 3.14 fakePi.isPi = true let fakePi = 3.142 fakePi.isPi = false let fakePi = 3.141 fakePi.isPi = true
  3. L0L2G00D

    JavaScript Is there any way to get an equation out of a string?

    let equation = prompt("equation?") equation = "5+5" equation = "1-3" equation = "7/3" any ideas? it all needs to be in the same string for the application I might use it for.
  4. clickers331

    JavaScript Coding Problem Problem

    This is the problem I am trying to solve. export const translate = (RNA) => { let database = { Methionine : ["AUG"], Phenylalanine : ["UUU", "UUC"], Leucine : ["UUA", "UUG"], Serine : ["UCU", "UCC", "UCA", "UCG"], Tyrosine : ["UAU"...
  5. P

    Intonew Startup (Join Us)

    5 positions open for a startup in Eastern, PA (long distance is most definitely an option thanks to technology!) Reinventing the way we see the world (more details during/after interviewing process) We are looking for (1 or many) A Programmer who is fluent in C, C++, or Java. (Arduino...
  6. P

    Tech Start-Up

    Looking for outside the box, grand thinkers, who constantly question the boundaries of life and society, looking ideally for someone proficient in C/C++ and/or HTML BUT completely open to interviewing any applicant who has a passion for solving problems. If you’re interested in a quick...
  7. Lucas

    CSS CSS issue I can't solve

    Hi, I'm having a CSS issue that exceeds my knowlegde. Hope someone can help. :) On my website Rentalworks, when you book a product and click next, and you go to a smaller screen mode you see the blocks overlay instead of stacking. I tried many things. Flex,... can't seem to solve this. Any...
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