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    Your Toolbox

    Hey everyone. I figured that I'd start a thread where you can post a list of all of the tools that you use on a regular basis("Basis" being either daily or weekly). You don't have to share all of your tools if you don't want to, but I do encourage you to share your tool-set. It might get more...
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    PHP WebBox - Beta Thread

    Hey everyone. Today is officially the day that my Organization, Oxygen-Software, launches the first ever Version of it's first piece of Software, WebBox! This Thread that you're currently on right now is a Beta-Thread. That's because right now, WebBox is still in it's early stages of...
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    WebWareBox Going Under Heavy Re-Write, WebWareBox As Software And A WebWareBox Website

    Hey there, everyone. As of today, I'd just like to say that WebWareBox has just started undergoing a heavy Re-Write. Now, you're probably wondering as to why a Re-Write is going on. Well, let me explain. So most of this has to do with the Site's Design. For one, it is extremely out-dated...
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