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  1. datdatyul

    Java Spring Boot Microservices - How can I reach out another service method from another service in Junit Test.

    Hi, I have a problem about reaching out one url defnied in AuthController of auth service from any method of OrderControllerTest in order service. As I cannot reach out it, I still get 404 Not Found exception. How can I reach out it? I hope anyone can help me. Here is the link ...
  2. datdatyul

    Java Spring Boot Microservices - Spring Security Issue in one service throwing throwing java.lang.StackOverflowError in JUnit

    I have a problem in running any test method in service test and controller test in one of the spring boot microservices (order service). After I completed service and controller , I tried to write their test methods but I have a problem in there. How can I fix it? Here is the security config...
  3. datdatyul

    Java Spring Boot Microservice - 403 Forbidden among API Gateway and some services

    Hi , As I'ven't solved the okta issue for nearly one month, I created and auth service (creating user and login). I have a security problem about connection among auth service, api gateway and order service. After I created a user and then login, I tried to make a request to order service...
  4. datdatyul

    Java Spring Boot Microservices - JUnit Controller Test JWT Issue

    I have a problem about solving JwtGrantedAuthoritiesConverter in order service after defining preauthorize annotation in some methods of Order Controller. After I wrote the test shown below, I tried to run it but I got this issue shown below as well. I also shared my repo as a link. How can I...
  5. datdatyul

    Java Spring Cloud API Gateway JWT Issue java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: javax.xml.bind.DatatypeConverter

    I have a problem about sending any request to a defined service through api gateway with the usage of bearer token coming from login. After login, I tried to send a request to a defined service but I got this issue in JWTAuthenticationFilter of api gateway shown below. I think there can be...
  6. datdatyul

    Java Spring Cloud - Cannot send a request from one service to another one through Api Gateway

    I have an issue not sending a request from one service to another one through api gateway in my spring cloud example, Api gateway port number is 8600. I try to send a request from management service to advertisement service through api gateway, I get the issue in Postman shown below. {...
  7. datdatyul

    Java Spring Cloud Docker - Cannot access any service through api gateway and Cannot access any service itself

    Spring Cloud Docker - Cannot access any service through api gateway and Cannot access any service itself I have a problem about accessing any service through api gateway. Here is the properties file of api-gateway ``` ``` For instance, I tried to access user service through api gateway, I...
  8. datdatyul

    Java Cannot fetch all properties from Config Server in Spring Cloud

    I have a problem in my Spring Cloud Example running in Docker. I cannot fetch all properties file from config server. How can I do that? I only fetched 4 properties file (advertisement service, user service, api gateway and report service) while other properties file(eureka server and...
  9. datdatyul

    Java Spring Cloud Cannot register any service to Eureka Server in Docker through docker-compose.yml

    I'm trying to implement an example of **Spring Cloud** with its all services running in **Docker**. I cannot register any service to **eureka server** as **eureka server** throws a connection issue in **Docker**. When I show the **logs** of **eureka server** through this command (**docker...
  10. datdatyul

    Java Spring Cloud Docker Issues (Connection Refused)

    I have problem on Docker side. When I run docker-compose, 1) Keycloak,rabbitmq,mysql and config server are running. 2) Here is my error in Eureka Server ```Connect Timeout Exception on Url - http://configserver:9191/. Will be trying the next u rl if available 2022-08-17 11:39:08.699 WARN 1...
  11. datdatyul

    Docker Compose Issue : Access to DialectResolutionInfo cannot be null when 'hibernate.dialect' not set

    I have a problem about running docker-compose file through this command (`docker-compose up -d`). After running the command, I noticed that 3 services (**advertisement service, user service and lastly report service**) cannot run. It throws an error when I try to see logs in each services...
  12. datdatyul

    Docker compose com.netflix.discovery.shared.transport.TransportException: Cannot execute request on any known server

    I tried to implement an **example** of **Spring Boot Microservice** examples. I have a problem in **docker-compose** file. **Eureka server** and **api gateways** throws an **issue** defined below while there is no issue in config server. Here is the issue ...
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