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  1. datdatyul

    Java Spring Boot Microservices - How can I reach out another service method from another service in Junit Test.

    Hi, I have a problem about reaching out one url defnied in AuthController of auth service from any method of OrderControllerTest in order service. As I cannot reach out it, I still get 404 Not Found exception. How can I reach out it? I hope anyone can help me. Here is the link ...
  2. datdatyul

    Java Spring Boot Microservices - Spring Security Issue in one service throwing throwing java.lang.StackOverflowError in JUnit

    I have a problem in running any test method in service test and controller test in one of the spring boot microservices (order service). After I completed service and controller , I tried to write their test methods but I have a problem in there. How can I fix it? Here is the security config...
  3. datdatyul

    Java Spring Boot Microservice - 403 Forbidden among API Gateway and some services

    Hi , As I'ven't solved the okta issue for nearly one month, I created and auth service (creating user and login). I have a security problem about connection among auth service, api gateway and order service. After I created a user and then login, I tried to make a request to order service...
  4. datdatyul

    Java Spring Boot Microservices - JUnit Controller Test JWT Issue

    I have a problem about solving JwtGrantedAuthoritiesConverter in order service after defining preauthorize annotation in some methods of Order Controller. After I wrote the test shown below, I tried to run it but I got this issue shown below as well. I also shared my repo as a link. How can I...
  5. datdatyul

    Java Cannot see queue in rabbitmq in my Spring Boot Microservices

    I'm trying to implement an example of **Spring Cloud**. I have a problem **not showing queue** in **rabbitmq** running in **docker** when I send a message from advertisement service to report service.. Here is the **rabbitmq code** defined in **docker-compose.yml** rabbitmq: image...
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