1. J

    HTML & CSS How to Properly refactor your code using Semantic Elements HTML & CSS

    Hi Everyone, I am starting out on learning how to code and I simply am at a total loss or confusion. I need to be able to refactor code using semantic elements in HTML & CSS. I cant figure out where to break each section or where to use its proper semantic element so that its not using so many...
  2. BorkedSystem32

    Blender: Noob to Pro - Wikibooks

    Blender: Noob to Pro, is an online book provided by Wikibooks, which guides you through the basics of Blender. It covers everything, including: User interface Modelling, lighting, and rendering Shading, materials, and textures Rigging and posing Particles And much more! It can be found here...
  3. M

    Tutorial JavaScript Tutorial | 1 | Variables and console.log

    Hey! In this tutorial, I will teach you JavaScript Basics! First, please note: In JavaScript, we start variables with var! So, let's make a quick cup system with example! var Cup = true; var isDrinking = false; var disabled = false; // Let me explain. We create our first variable and name it...
  4. Malcolm

    What is HTML?

    What is HTML? HTML is an abbreviation for Hypertext-Markup Language and is used to create the structure of a website. In other words, it’s considered the skeleton. A webpage is made up of many different types of tags that are used to structure a webpage. HTML documents use the file extension...
  5. M

    C The C Tutorial Series - Tutorial 1: Printing, Variables And Data-Tyes, And Comments

    Introduction Welcome to the first tutorial in the C Tutorial Series, here on CF. In today's tutorial, we will be covering the following things: Printing out text Variables and their different data-types(char, int, float, and double) Commenting your code These are the prime basics that you will...
  6. M

    The C Tutorial Series

    Introduction Hey there, readers. I'd like to introduce you to the C Tutorial Series - A series in which I'll be teaching you the syntax of C and the concepts of the language and procedural-programming. You'll learn many new things in this series that can be transferred over to other languages...
  7. J

    Python Python tutorial for ABSOLUTE Beginners - Please support my YouTube channel.

    Hi everyone, I'm Jim. I have started a YouTube channel with various python videos for beginners and experts. I'd be really grateful if you could check out my videos and subscribe to my channel. Thanks
  8. James

    Python File Handling In Python

    Welcome back! I haven't done a tutorial in a while, so I thought I'd do one on a topic that I see some people struggle with. File I/O handling. Let's get started then. First of all you need to know how to actually define that file and open it. test_file = open("myfile.txt","r") The line above...
  9. D

    Tutorial Simple Guessing Game In C[TUTORIAL]

    Hey everyone. Welcome to this C-Programming Tutorial. In today's Tutorial, I'm going to be showing you how to make a simple Guessing Game in C. Let's begin. First of all, choose where you want to store your Files. Is it in your Documents Directory, a separate Hard-Drive, choose where it will...
  10. Ghost

    Python Super Quick Python Arrays & Loops Examples

    Hey all, I am sitting in my car waiting for my girlfriend to be done with work... sharing a car this morning ! So I decided to write up some basic Python loops. Our first array just holds some users and our simple for loop prints out a sentence saying each user is cool. users =...
  11. Ghost

    PHP Create Secure PHP Dashboard From Scratch Tutorial

    Hello everyone! Today I will be sharing a super simple tutorial on how to create an administrator or user dashboard with a login page & logout function. This can be used for anything, but today we will only be focusing on the permission system to keep you logged in. It won't be the most secure...
  12. CrimsonKing

    Tutorial How to make A simple audio player in HTML, JavaScript, CSS.

    Today I am going to teach you how to make A simple Audio Player in HTML 5, JavaScript, and CSS. To follow this tutorial be sure to download notepad++ being as it is mostly used in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Let's begin to start this we will need 3 important files to make 1. HTML (player.html)...
  13. Ghost

    PHP How to Create a Basic PHP Class

    In this tutorial you will learn how to create a simple PHP class. Classes are used for many reasons, including but not limited to the following: Re-usability through the core system Organization Easier to manage long-term due to data (ex: user profile info) going through a defined class / set...
  14. James

    Python How to make a guessing game in python

    Okay, so in this tutorial, I will be going through the steps to create a guessing game in python 3.7 First, you will need to import the random module, this module is auto-installed along with python. import random Second, we need to greet the user when they join print(""" Welcome to this...
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