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  1. JosiahMaybe

    JavaScript Is there any way to prevent Javascript changing things without site permission?

    So I may have worked out a secure way to sell except that in like my site hackers may be able to bypass like my selling logic. I would do custom country check in Javascript using navigator.geolocation, prefill paddle.com checkout with Javascript. paddle.com checkout starts in Javascript and...
  2. JosiahMaybe

    How to restrict access to PHP scripts to only be called from a single web site on same server?

    I know $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] should be like my web page. I also would have dedicated IP and could check that address but can't someone have a duplicate or spoof that? If it helps, I would be using shared hosting from Asurahosting.com, Unlimited Plus plan. I have not made this site yet. I am...
  3. JosiahMaybe

    JavaScript How to be sure Javascript is run in a web browser?

    I have heard Javascript may be turned off on some web browsers. I may need like my Javascript run to be able to make a purchase from me. Is there any way I can prevent a purchase without Javascript being run? Maybe an error I could throw or a way to redirect or something? Any way to prevent...
  4. J

    Java Any project ideas for landing a job ?

    I know this may be little off topic but I would appreciate some response.. In short, my point is that I graduated 1 year ago and have been learning Java up to now. I have decent knowledge about almost every aspect of this language but I don't know if I will get employed with no experience at...
  5. H

    Contribute to an open source web project

    Hello there! I would like to participate in a web project to improve my front end programming skills in HTML, CSS and Vanilla JavaScript. Could you please tell me or guide me how can I contribute to a free web project? I searched on the net but could not find anything. Thanks a lot!
  6. uploadusername

    Flutter programmer

    Flutter is complicated, are there any flutter programmers, for flutter projects.
  7. N

    Need help with web development project

    Dear bros (and hoes), I’m a 25 y.o virgin looking to be pointed in the right direction :notworthy: My personal development goal is to learn how to create the following: Cloud-based web application User-friendly interface Purpose built application for financial analysis Replicates what Excel...
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