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HTML & CSS A left margin or padding that I cannot remove

<html lang="en">
        <link href="pre%20demo.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
                    <code>&lt;!DOCTYPE html&gt;</code>
                    <code>&lt;html lang="en"&gt;</code>
                    <code>    &lt;head&gt;</code>
                    <code>    &lt;/head&gt;</code>
                    <code>    &lt;body&gt;</code>
                    <code>        &lt;header&gt;</code>
                    <code>        &lt;/header&gt;</code>
                    <code>        &lt;main&gt;</code>
                    <code>            &lt;article&gt;</code>
                    <code>                &lt;section&gt;</code>
                    <code>                    &lt;aside&gt;</code>
                    <code>                    &lt;/aside&gt;</code>
                    <code>                &lt;/section&gt;</code>
                    <code>                &lt;aside&gt;</code>
                    <code>                &lt;/aside&gt;</code>
                    <code>            &lt;/article&gt;</code>
                    <code>        &lt;/main&gt;</code>
                    <code>        &lt;footer&gt;</code>
                    <code>        &lt;/footer&gt;</code>
                    <code>    &lt;/body&gt;</code>

The above html code is to render a line numbered copy of an html skeleton code.
I am using the CSS code shown below.
Everything works except that a 60 pixel margin appears to the left of the code which I cannot remove. The margin does not appear to beling to eithe the <pre> or <code> elements. Please check the attached image.
Any help would be gratefully received.
Anthony Powell

    counter-reset: linenum;
    background-color: #444;
    color: yellow;

    counter-increment: linenum;
    content: counter(linenum) "  ";
    color: darkorange;
    background-color: #448;


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