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alternative name for composer.json

$ cat .config/composer/config.json
    "repositories": {
        "package": {
            "type": "path",
            "url": "package"

$ cat package/composer.json
    "name": "my/package"

$ composer show -a my/package
name     : my/package
descrip. :
keywords :
versions : dev-master, dev-main
type     : library
homepage :
source   : []
dist     : [path] package cfbb0c8c7430a4be71e28c221a716202c000846b
names    : my/package

OK, but...

$ mv -i package/composer.json package/alternative-composer.json

$ composer show -a my/package
Package "my/package" not found

...so there isn't a way to give composer.json an alternative name?
I remember this issue was talked about somewhere few years ago. Then there was requests for alternative naming for composer.json.
But to be honest, im not sure has it been done yet.

Try seaarch from getcomposer.org

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