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HTML Background Video


I'm not sure how popular these forums are but I'm hoping someone can help me.

I'm trying to play a video as my ground image, the video is 45 seconds long and set to loop. It's 100vh and 100vw with an opacity dialed down on it.

My question is two things.

1) How can I pause or delay the video playing until downloaded?
2) My video has been cached and only plays the first 15 seconds currently then loops - how can I avoid this
3) Is there a way to load my page THEN download the video after so it doesn't effect the seo scoring of my page
1. code a video stop and only allow playing on click after download, you can have an onclick return false to not do its normal thing.
2. Use a <video></video> element and if that does not work, it is a browser issue and you may be able to file a bug, unless you make changes to playing currently.
3. in Jquery $.ready, or onload or load document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function...), and in a function like that, download video.
Maybe this helps. X E.

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