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C# C# form with sql file

I’m only create sql file. I wanna compile this file to form application. Most samples on web for website but I wanna this with localhost. Start stop exe for localhost and form exe for search on sql
I don't think there is a tool to "compile" an SQL file to a native (Windows?) application. Unless you would invest serious money in a 4GL environment like Uniface, which has a "fastform" function to create a fully functional data I/O form from a conceptual table definition (which could be obtained by importing an SQL file). There are probably other products that can do this this but I mention Uniface because I've worked for them for almost 30 years 😁

Since you posted this in the C# section, C# is apparently what you want to use ? Have you already installed Visual Studio and tried out some tutorials about creating a form ? There's a good looking example here. Depending on your needs for sophistication, you can also consider using a data-bound DataGridView control. A page to get you started here.

I hope this helps some.

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