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Read Me Changes regarding the staff team

Changes in regards to Staff Team.

Hi all, I have recently made changes to how we display members of our staff team. And, I believe this will make it less confusing for everyone to understand who does what and who to go to for help. Before we had our Guardians (Moderators) displayed as a yellow colour. But due to new teams being made, and new colours being added it was starting to get a little too confusing. e.g. Who to go to for help?

With that, all of our staff teams, marketing, guardians have been merged all into just one "Staff Team". However, "Administrators" will remain the same colour orange. We hope that with this change, coders would understand who to go to for what. Our team is there to help you.

Quick round down of the colours and the teams within the Staff Team. Although I listed who does what below, you can reach out to anyone for assistance.


  • @Malcolm (me)
    • I'm the site owner/administrator I can deal with everything.

Staff Team


Any moderation duties are responsible for the Guardians.​


Marketing deals with more social media aspects of Code Forum.​

Code Forum Team!
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