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Read Me Code Forum is looking for members to join our team!

Hello, Coders!
Status: OPEN.​

Code Forum has recently surpassed 1000+ 5,000+ registered members and is looking for talented individuals to join our staff team to help shape our community. We are at a stage in our growth where we need to expand our staff team. With the expansion of our staff team, we plan to bring many new features, events and activities to Code Forum.

Note: Although coding experience is an asset, all are welcome to apply.

Multiple positions available
As part of the Guardian Team, you will assume multiple roles—moderating the community, hosting community events, helping members around the community, and greeting new members in the introduction forum. However, we also expect you to learn something. We encourage you to ask questions, get help, and be a positive influencer in the community.​
  • Flexible hours
    • Aim for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour a day.
  • Qualifications
    • Registered member of the community.
    • Can work under pressure.
    • Should be able to read & write in English.
    • Should have an idea of what coding is.
      • Should be able to explain what coding is;
      • Should be able to tell us who can code;
      • Should have examples of their coding projects.
  • Responsibilities
    • Always keep the best interest of Code Forum first in mind. While ensuring you are learning something from this position.
    • Leave no thread untouched, even if the answer is not known. Make an effort to help.
    • Ensure that all members are obeying the Code of Conduct.
    • Create a fun, welcoming environment for all.
    • Monitor the "what’s new" tab for threads with 0 replies.
    • Review new threads and replies to ensure they are following rules.
    • Approve/Reject queued threads/posts.
    • Ensure threads are posted in the correct location. May need to move threads to different places.
    • Editing posts to remove inappropriate links or comments.
    • Lock threads and delete threads or posts if violating rules.
    • Send warnings to members who are violating rules.
    • Handle any reports received from members (can be requested through the report function on posts and users).
  • Assets:
Marketing Coordinator
One position is available
As a member of the marketing team, you'll be responsible for handling all of Code Forum's marketing needs, such as creating a plan, executing it, and evaluating the results. You'll also regularly create social media posts through our official accounts.​
  • Flexible hours
    • Minimum 1 day a week, where you plan scheduled posts, work on marketing strategy, etc.
  • Qualifications
    • Registered member of the community.
    • Can work under pressure.
    • Should be able to read & write in English.
    • At least 1-2 years of marketing experience.
    • At least 1 year of Google Analytics.
    • At least 1 year of Google Ads.
    • Currently or has worked with Buffer is considered an asset,
  • Responsibilities
    • Create marketing campaigns to promote features and increase traffic and clicks.
    • Work with the Guardians to plan community events.
    • Create social media posts/schedule them weekly.
    • Plan and create a marketing strategy to help Code Forum grow.
    • Analyze results from campaigns and marketing strategies.
  • Assets:

Of course, most of these qualifications are flexible! 🙂

To apply:
Send @Malcolm a PM and explain to me why you want this position, your experience, what you can bring to the team and how you see Code Forum benefiting you and how you can benefit others around the community.
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