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Read Me COMPLETED: CodeForum.org joins forces with Forumer.io to fight against AIDS/HIV

Hello Coders!image0.jpg

I am excited to announce a joint venture between Code Forum and Forumer.io (@Thomasss) for the month of December in an effort to bring our communities together for a charity event to support and fight against AIDS/HIV. We will donate 0.75 CAD for every thread and 0.50 CAD for every post that is made between December 1st and December 31st and be donating proceeds from our charity event to UNAids

What is HIV/AIDS?
HIV is a hostile virus that attacks the cells that help our bodies protect from infections. Therefore making our bodies more at harm to other infections.​
How can you help?
You can help by creating and posting lots of posts!​
Current Posting Stats:
The current posting stats are the starting point, all new posts/threads created after this thread will be counted towards our event.​
  • Threads 1,045​
  • Messages 7,520​

We are also releasing a RED style along with this event! So if you want something different feel free to change your style to RED. Click here.

Other comments/information:
If you would like to know about the organization and or the virus then please visit UNAIDS at https://www.unaids.org/en
So as a community let's fight and bring awareness to HIV/AIDS!​
**Please don't create random puts, keep it related to Coding and make sure it follows our Code of Conduct**​
Code Forum logo(RED).png

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Just wanted to update you all, we now have a RED Style to go with this event. Feel free to check it out! 🙂
Hi all!

An update on our progress so far! We started with 1,045 threads and 7,520 messages. Since starting we had a total of 9 threads and 73 messages created since Thursday (Dec 3rd)! Below is our stats and the total amount raised so far is $43.25! Way to go everyone, let's keep this up!

When we started:
  • Threads 1,045
  • Messages 7,520
  • Threads 1,054
  • Messages 7,593
So far we have raised $43.25
I am happy to announce that Code Forum and Forumer have raised $270.78 CAD (211.20 USD).

Although it’s not important on who raised what amount you can see below:

Code Forum raised $115.00 CAD ($89.70 USD).
Forumer.IO (@Thomasss) raised $155.78 CAD (121.50 USD).

Thank you all who contributed, you are all amazing! ♥️

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