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HTML Content Tools - embeddable wysiwyg HTML editor


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Content Tools

Recently I bumped into an awesome wysiwyg HTML editor ready to be embedded right into your HTML. To be honest, I didn't create my own environment for it to test it, but from what I've seen on their demo page, it places a big red button at top left of HTML in which it's embedded. After clicking it, you get access to toolbox that enables you to edit text, tables, images, videos, and all other contents that HTML supports. When you're done editing, click the big green button, and your HTML is saved, as they promise. Very neat and simple, great stuff for creating simple sites (as long as you're ready to insert a few lines of code into your raw HTML), or to include as a part of bigger CMS project of your own.

Screenshot_2020-07-25 Try before downloading.png


@HollyJ24 , this might be of your interest?
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