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JavaScript Downloaded something i should not have now believe to have a JavaScript virus, Any way to get rid of it??!!??

Done the most stupid thing you could on the internet and download and downloaded something from a website pretending to be another, after downloading i realised my document were getting deleted, my email passowrd change, after a back and forth trying to log them out, they eventually chnaged the phone number on the email now i have no access due to to many log in attempts, i opend up my devtool and disabled javascript and would work for 60 secound then would activate its self again, i feel like they had access to my computer, would anyone know if there would be anyway to get rid or is my computer as good as finished and just get a new one????
Hey and welcome,

1st - unplug the internet.
2nd - Download avast onto a usb and then install it onto the infected PC
3rd - run a scan and kill the virus
4th - Get a cold drink and learn from your mistake :D
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