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Python global


King Coder
I was reading about the global keyword. That you can use it in a function to define a global variable outside that function. Yikes... this smells awful bad to me. It's already debatable if a function should be allowed to modify a global variable, but declaring it ? Ffs.... Can there be any justification for doing stuff like this ? Or including it in the language in the first place ? I must be missing something... 🤔


King Coder
It's generally frowned upon to use global. Best practice is to pass any arguments to the function. If want an argument from a function return it from a function call.
Yes, I well know. And it really makes me wonder what the Python guys were thinking when they included this in the language... What's next, a goto allowing you to jump to a place in the middle of some other function ? ( I kid you not, I have once seen that in a COBOL program 😲 )