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Has anyone ever heard and or used Godot before?


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Hello Coders,

Is anyone familiar with the game engine Godot? What do you think of it and what type of games would you recommend building with it?

I have it downloaded but have never actually touched it yet.
I myself, have heard of Godot but haven't used it.

From what I know, it's a piece of Free-Software so you can contribute to it's development and see the source-code for yourself. As for what games you'd make using Godot, Godot does have a showcase here: https://godotengine.org/showcase

But by looking at this showcase, they all seem to be small/medium-sized Games. So, nothing big or AAA-like.

As for Scripting, it looks like you have a choice between C# and Godot's own Language, GDScript. But I would recommend learning C# as if you decide that Game-Dev is not for you then you can take some of that C# knowledge with you(Note: This version of C# will be a version designed for use with Godot. Similar to how ROBLOX uses it's own version of Lua for development).
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