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Help Application Programming


New Coder
Hi everybody,
I have an idea of programming applications except that I have absolutely no idea by which programming language to start and how to realize it (I have a very beginner level in programming).
This application would be useful in the case of several computer screens.
To have the screens other than the main one (preferably the other 2 (I have 3 screens)) that would have the main colors of screen 1 in slight blur.
This could be more pleasant for watching videos/series/movies etc...
This idea is very pumped on the Phillips Hue Play but I haven't seen this concept for computer screens as such.
Thanks for any response hoping to maybe interest people in this concept. (I'm french so sorry for my english)
Your concept is very nice. To develop this application, you have to create a screen split application in either language.

Please specify your skill/ language. For web based applications choose the scripting or open-source language.

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