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PHP Help me club these 2 plugin


Well-Known Coder
Hi, I am trying to find a basic Like plugin with notifications for Vanilla. Sadly, the Like plugin they have has no notifications. There is a similar plugin by the author which does Poke on profile with notifications. I am trying to find some help to refer the Poke plugin and add the notification part to Like. It would be nice if someone can take a look

Hi Dilip, I want to help, but there's a fair bit of code to look through.
Can you narrow it down for us by sharing what you've tried already?

Your best bet is to figure out how to write a function that sends off a built in notification, or another plugin that can be used easily to write custom notifications.

I'm sorry I cannot jump into the code to do it for you, but I am willing to help a bit more if you can show us what you have tried so far and include some specific code blocks that we can look at.
Can you provide some links to these plugins? I can have a quick look for to see if there's anything obvious.

I've had a look at the Vanilla Forums docs and it seems to only reference email notifications, is that what you're after?

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