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JavaScript Hi everyone, I'm new on here. I have some issues with the below code which is a class assignment the first exercise is ok but the second one is not.


New Coder
Nov 14, 2019
function ClassOne(name, pw, mail){
// Exercise One: In this exercise you will be creating your own class!
// You are currently in the class, you are given three strings, name, pw, and mail.
// You need to create three properties on this class.
// Those properties are: 'username', 'password', and 'email'
// Set the value of username to name,
// Set the value of password to pw,
// Set the value of email to mail
this.username = name;
this.password = pw;
this.email = mail;
// Note: Remember you DO NOT need to return anything in a class!

function ClassTwo(name, pw, mail){
// Exercise Two: Now that you have created your own class,
// you will create a class with a method on it.
// In this class create 4 properties: username, password, email, and checkPassword.
// Set the value of username to name,
// Set the value of password to pw,
// Set the value of email to mail
// Set the value of checkPassword to a function.
// The checkPassword function takes a string as it's only argument.
// Using the 'this' keyword check to see if the password on the class is the same as
// the string being passed in as the parameter. Return true or false.

this.username = name;

this.password = pw;

this.email = mail;

this.checkPassword = function(string) {

return this.password;





Aug 21, 2019
Hey there!

In the second exercise, your checkPassword method needs to compare the password property of the class and the string passed as argument, and return true/false based on it.

So, your method should be like:

this.checkPassword = function(string) {

    return this.password == string;

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Master Yoda

Jan 2, 2018
Hi there, please remember to place your code within the bbcode so it can easily be understood.

Is this for an assignment or a test?