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Hi everyone, my name is Sono!


New Coder

Just wanted to post an intro and say hey to everyone out there. I haven't coded myself in years as I have gotten into a management position in a different field and took a step back for a long while, but have a pretty good understanding of Java and some basic knowledge in 3 or 4 more languages. I have been hyperfocusing on chatbots and neural networks specifically, and took a month to do some "breaking" of Copilot by Microsoft, which I wanted to share with you all and see how we could improve it as a group into something that is workable.

I personally love the idea of what ShadowServer as an organization does, and want to see how a few of my ideas play out in this community! It's a pleasure to be able to post on this forum and I'm excited to meet you guys and hopefully have a chance to work on some cool problems together.
o7 -Sono

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