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Answered How minify HTML, CSS ? (offline)

at 2002-2010 years webmasters used <table> tag while writing html code.
after 2010 year...to next time..webmasters using <div> tag while writing html-code...and wordpress/joomla templates..
I get that <table> was used more during the times 2002-2010 but what I don't get what does this have to do with minify HTML code?
If webmaster write html-code with <div> tags, then him html-code has minimal size...
If webmaster write html-code with <table> tags, then him html-code has big-size...

See, source code of next template for wordpress https://wordpress.org/themes/rabbityel/ .... he has <div> tags and he has minimal code's size.
By size are referring to the amount of code to make it look the way it does?
Hey @SpongeBOB,

If you're using VSCode, perhaps you may be interested in an extension called MinifyAll by Jose Gracia Berenguer. You can find it by clicking here.

I have tested this extension myself without any internet and it worked perfectly!
Thank you @Malcolm ! nice tool I got it from: https://open-vsx.org/extension/Josee9988/minifyall (better :) )

By any chance someone know a tool that can beautify (expand back ) ? or even better a tool (offline still) that can do both ? Thanks.

For those who use flask I found a neat Package -> https://pypi.org/project/Flask-Minify/#description

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