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HTML & CSS HTML & CSS No Longer Working


New Coder
My web design worked fine years ago until I took it down, and recently uploaded it again.
Now nothing displays properly.
Haven't worked with HTML & CSS over interim years, so trying to get back up to speed, and am at a loss where to begin troubleshooting.
I know Flash elements are deprecated and won't display, but nothing displays properly, especially centering, and many elements dont display at all, such as divs, particularly footer.
If someone could at least point me in a direction, I'd appreciate the help.
Website - http://dstall.com/model
CSS - http://dstall.com/spring/css/model.css


New Coder
Adobe flash is no longer supported in modern browsers. Modern HTML is way passed XHTML 1.0 Transitional; it's now HTML5 and most of your markuphas been rendered wrong. Looks like a redesign and re-coding if you want to use the site.