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C++ I m trying this from lady 4 hour please solve this


to achieve the sum equals A Bto be at most K

Alice and Bob have Nintegers represented by arrays A and B respectively. For an integer value K, they want to achteve sum

Both of them are allowed to complete some operations (possibly zero) on their respective arrays. In a single operation, they can choose any

with E. where y= E 1. which denotes the largest integer that is smaller than or equal to y and round down to the nearest integer


Determine who can achieve the sum at mosi a minimum number of operations.

Print Alice if she can achieve the required sum in less number of operations than Bob. Print Bob if he can achieve the required sum in less number of operations than Alice

Print Tie in the case of a tie


• Ir Alice starts doing operations, Bob waits for her to finish and vice versa

• Both Alice and Bob start with original array A and array B in their respective turn

• Obased indexing is followed



. N=2

• A = 13.4

. 8 = 10.1

K = 15