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I need some serious coding help.


New Coder
I was attempting to create code/a program/something that speech detects Japanese language and translates to English text on a monitor in real time through a Raspberry pi 3 using the headphone jack as the audio input. It would appear that I greatly overestimated my ability in a subject I know close to nothing about, because after 20 straight hours of not being able to make anything so much as start I was hoping I could outsource. Originally I found a speech recognition software called “Julius” on GitHub that has a “dictation kit” to recognize Japanese, I intended to use this in conjunction with translation code I found (here: http://portfolios.csusm.edu/entry/japanese-to-english-translator ). The code seemed to not be as effective as an API however I wanted the system to be self contained, not dependent on an internet connection if at all possible. And also partly on the thought that the time necessary to send and receive signals would hinder the real time aspect. If an API proved necessary I found Yandex translation (here: https://yandex.com/dev/translate/ ) instead of google translate because I was informed that after a period of time google would start to accumulate costs. Unfortunately speech recognition and subsequent translation was not as simple as I had hoped it would be to essentially plug the output of one into the input of another. In the end even my attempts to run Julius free of translation and vice versa both failed due to my ignorance in this subject. If I were to hire someone to create this, where would I be able to find them and how much is a rough estimate of the cost?

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