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Python I would like some feedback.


New Coder
Hello, I would like to ask you for some feedback on a recently finished project of mine.

Currently, it can only run on Windows machines with python 3, but has lots of options.

It's an assistant of some sorts that took me about a year to make, so I'd like to hear what I could add or improve.

GitHub link: https://github.com/PythonGuy888/ATLAS
Hey. I'm not sure as to what this is(But I assume it's a Bot because that's in the Description of it).

Now, I have learned a bit about Python but it's a Language that I don't really like and one that I'm not great in so please do excuse me for my bad Knowledge of Python.

Now before I get into the Code itself, I do believe that you should update your README File to actually give a detailed explanation over what the Project is and what it does instead of including some text for an annoying Internet-Meme that isn't funny anymore. If you were getting a Job and your Employer found this Project and it contained the Text of: "You've been gnomed! XD"
Then I'm pretty sure that's a -1 to your Job Application. So better get that fixed before you do apply for a Job.

Now anyways, onto the actual Code(Again, I'm bad with Python so excuse me on this one).

So first of, I think it's better for you to put seperate all of your Functions into seperate Files in which they will be contained in a Class. So here's an example of what I mean:

Class one():
     def function1():

Class two:
     def function2():

That's what I mean.

I should also mention about the lack of Whitespace in a lot of the Code(Which in this case is just one big File that spans over 900 Lines). The lack of Whitespace is a bad Practise and thus' you should start cleaning up your Code when there is no Whitespace. The lack of it makes your Code look a bit untidy but too much of it is bad and will turn your Code into what we Programmers like to call: "Spaghetti Code"
So start cleaning up your Code. You wouldn't want your Employer to see poorly written Code in a Large Project.
I should also point out that Python is quite strict with Whitespace. So if you don't use Whitespace properly then Python will come down hard on you and stop your Code from working all because of Whitespace not being used properly.

Another thing is bad Variable Names. What I mean is that if you look at Line 351, it contains a Variable by the Name of: "abc"
You should not be naming your Variables like that. Unless it's a Placeholder Variable then that's fine but if this a serious Project then give it an actual Name other than abc. Of course, after the abc Name, it's followed by a Dictionary that of course, has no Whitespace.

Another thing is how many Empty-Lines there is. There is too many and is the reason why there is 900+ Lines in just one File. This was something that I did a few Months ago where I would just randomly create Empty-Lines when they were unecessary. I've stopped doing that and only use them when they should be used. An Empty-Line should only be created when it's for things like separating Classes and Functions. Empty-Lines should not be used to seperate things like your if-elif Statements.

All in all, I would say that the Code isn't that great and that you should start doing things like using Whitespace(When necessary of course, seeing as this is Python) and should start seperating your Code into seperate Files to keep things organised. Alongside that, you should also change the README Text to explain what the Project is as I have no clue what it is other than a Bot.

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