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Programming your game is often considered as being the majority of the work and one of the hardest tasks. Most people tend to overestimate the work and time required to come up with ideas for your games. How do you go about brainstorming ideas? Do you like to look at other games for inspiration?


Apr 23, 2019
Personally, I try to come up with one central theme to start off. For example, one night I had a weird dream that I was No-Face from the film Spirited Away, and I was working in a gas station while every time someone talked, it just came out sounding like Animal Crossing gibberish. To expand on my idea I looked to other games / concepts for inspiration. For my graphics theme, I looked to the Puppet Combo game called Night Shift. For gameplay, a Roblox game called Cleaning Simulator. I also thought it would be cool to have randomized events / endings to spice up the naturally mind numbing concept of stocking shelves all day, but this concept is a work in progress. I know most people don't like to flesh out ideas as they go along the process, but that's the way i'm doing mine haha.

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While I'm not interested in making Video Games anymore, I do have ideas for some and still have them(For some odd reason).

One, is a Survival-Game. An extremely difficult one(We're talking about, the difficulty of Don't Starve here, but even more difficult). The Game plays out in a realistic-manner, so you're dead, you have to restart. Tasks take sometime to do(So chopping trees takes sometime), Crafting tools also takes sometime, you get the idea. Any Task can take sometime to do.

Pretty much, the entire Game plays out as real-life. You get mauled by a wolf, you either get killed by it or you somehow survive but start bleeding out. If you starve to death, you die extremely fast.

Of course, a Game like that would take an extremely long time to make due to the realistic-manner of it's Design. I'd be writing the Code for it for about 7+ years, not to mention that there is then making the Art(Textures) and Models, which are also meant to be realistic to fit in with it's realistic Mechanics.

Another one, is for a Post-Apocalyptic RPG Game. Just like the Survival-Game, this one is also extremely realistic. But with additions such as Radiation and NPCs. Again, this would also take an extremely long time to make due to it's realistic Design and Mechanics. Not to mention that it's an RPG. Were as the realistic Survival-Game would take about 7+ years to make, this would take about 10-11+ years.

But, as to where I got the ideas for these, I don't have a clue. They just came to me at the time when I was interested in making Games and have stuck with me ever since. I mean, of course, I don't have to make them 3D Games. I could simply just make them Text-Adventures(That shortens Development-Time drastically), but, I have to deal with things such as Player-Input with the Commands and all of that stuff.

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The classics are good to revive. Tetris, tic tac toe, chess, checkers, hangman you know retro games.

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Nope. You cannot develop another Tetris as it's Trademarked under the Tetris Company. While Tetris is a classic, just because it is, doesn't mean that you can copy it.

tic tac toe, chess, checkers, hangman
But those are completely fine. They're casual games that people can play quickly or when bored. So they're fine to develop.

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We can have a CF Game Developer Conference =X

If there is one thing that I can tell you, it's that essentially pretty much every User here on CF isn't a Game-Developer(Except for about 1 - 3 I'm guessing, with more to come soon). I myself, do have some Game-Development experience also so feel free to include me in that estimate.

But, since there are barely any Game-Devs on CF and more Web and Software-Developers, it's pointless. Besides, you're essentially hosting another Ludum Dare(https://ldjam.com/). But, I think @Malcolm would make the Dev-Time for such a contest to be a lot longer than 48 or 72 hours.