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JavaScript Loading JS that block all the rest of the page loading... (FireFox)


Well-Known Coder
Hi everyone,

In my page I have something like :
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">

    <title>A title</title>
    <meta charset="utf-8"> 
    <script src="https://something.com/JS/"></script>

But if for any reason the
<script src="https://something.com/JS/"></script>
can't load on the user Internet browser ex: (firewall, something.com offline etc..)

Then the loading and CSS animation ! (WTF) of the page is on hold until (I assume) the browser timeout trigger and the rest of the page continue to load.
I've try to put the script at the bottom of the HTML code but doesn't help,

neither: <script src="https://something.com/JS/" type="module" async></script>

Any ideas ?
I don't think js checks to see if it's loaded. But here's a thought. Set a global variable in the script and check it in a different script - if it is not set you know it didn't load.
@OldMan , It's in the browser where lay the problem/solution.. more exactly who can I specify that this .js file shuold not block the rest, or be loaded at the end.

I have tried:
  • async
  • defer
  • type="module"
  • Placing the <script> at the end.

but nothing seem to work..

I should ask on a dedicated Firefox forum, but it seem not existing !?
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