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JavaScript looking for a partner to help build a javascript app for mobile


New Coder
i have the code written. but i don't have much of an understanding on how to test it and make a working application that we can sell on the open market.
the code is very basic and i'm not even sure if it is exactly what i'm looking for to be exact. I do have a great idea to create an application that will have a much valued use case. Just looking for someone that has some experience and expertise in this field that is willing to give the new guy a helping hand. If nothing else maybe I can learn something here.
I don't think RAW JavaScript works for cell phones. If that's what you mean by "mobile" in your heading.
If you like I'll take a look at your code and let you know if it has problems and maybe if it works. Just post it here using the </> tag.
It is possible to use JS with HTML & CSS for mobile apps, at least for Android. For iPhone, im not sure. One common way is to use the Cordova WebView plugin. It is basically a Google Chrome highly stripped.

Several games for example are written in javascript and then used in Android via frameworks. This may slow the program a bit, though unless you build 3D FPS i don't think it matters.

You can start your studies at Can JavaScript be used for Android Development

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