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Mapping images


New Coder
Trying to map multiple images not just the first image. The example of my code below is for a single mapped image with links to various other images. It works perfectly. However I want to map these other images that are linked to the first to have their own clickable areas and this where the trail goes cold form me…. Creating an offline software simulator that simulates what happens when you clink on certain areas. Using .png images. Thanks in advance. I am using visual basic for my editing.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Image Map</title>

<img usemap="#mymap" src="IV 1.10 System Setting Screen.png" width="1920px">

<map name="#mymap">
<area alt="IV 1.10 System Menu" title="System Settings Menu" href="IV 1.10 System Setting Screen Menu Drop Down.png" coords="1520,5,1570,53" shape="rect">
<area alt="Detector Status" title="Detector Status" href="IV 1.10 System Setting Screen with Detector Quicklink.png" coords="1496,2,1407,60" shape="rect">
<area alt="Help Menu" title="Help Menu" href="Record Issue & Help_About_K_Console_InfoMenu.png" coords="1575,-2,1662,74" shape="rect">
<area alt="Worklist" title="Worklist" href="IV 1.10 Worklist screen.png coords="929,3,1030,53" shape="rect">
<area alt="Views Menu" title="Views Menu" href="" coords="1332,3,1402,50" shape="rect">

<area alt="Study" title="His/Ris, StudySetup,ProcedureMapping, TraumaProcedures, & PatientSize" href="His_RIS Screen_1_1_2.png - Paint.png" coords="29,106,157,151" shape="rect">
<area alt="Study Setup" title="HIS/RIS, Study Setup" href="IV 1.9 Study Setup Screen.png" coords="44,181,190,221" shape="rect">
<area alt="Procedure Mapping" title="Procedure Mapping" href="IV 1.9 Procedure Mapping Screen.png" coords="41,231,210,279" shape="rect">
<area alt="Trauma Procedures" title="Trauma Procedures" href="Trauma Procedure.png" coords="41,294,216,335" shape="rect">

<area alt="Review" title="Review" href="" coords="985,111,1117,156" shape="rect">
<area alt="Image Viewer" title="Image Viewer" href="ImageViewer.png" coords="985,188,1122,212" shape="rect">
<area alt="Markers" title="Markers" href="markers.png" coords="985,245,1091,269" shape="rect">
<area alt="Reject Reasons" title="Reject Reasons" href="rejectreasons.png" coords="992,303,1119,327" shape="rect">
<area alt="Image Processing" title="Image Processing" href="imaging processing.png" coords="985,352,1163,393" shape="rect">


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