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HTML & CSS Need Custom CSS help with WP theme.


Active Coder
How can i change the main slide pictures size? The pictures are too big, i would like them to be half size. The theme dosent have an option to select the size manually,so i must change it by code. Theme has a custom CSS option, where i can paste the code and it changes the pictures size then, i tryed this code ".featured-slider.slick-initialized.slick-slider { width: 50%; margin: 0 auto; } "
It only changes the width of the image, how can i put the width to auto and change the height instead?

Website: http://majahaldur.ee
Yes thanks, tho got some work to do with the theme still.
Awesome! Feel free to ask for help by creating another thread! (make sure to mark the post that helped you by clicking the check-mark on the right of the message). If you didn't find the solution here, then reply back on how you solved it so you can help coders if they have a similar issue.
Yes will do=) I have a question with the same page again.
I would like to add padding to the left and right side when viewing on mobile device, at the moment the table is full width on the mobile phone (left to right). How can i make the table not to be full width and add some space to the left and right side, so the table would be centered on the page? Any CSS code i could use? Table is made with " WP Table Builder".


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