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Need Help with Development (Roblox)


New Coder
May 4, 2019
England, Sussex
Join the Toontown Team

Note: It's a requirement to join out discord server ! https://discord.gg/pqfmD8j

Disclaimer: Toontown Redux is a volunteer effort. No income or salary is provided as compensation for anyone’s involvement, this is due to disney having the
rights to the closed game, and this means we can't sell any products.

DM me to apply my discord is CL0NED#4177

Hello, i mostly need a blender rigger and animator, but i do offer the following roles.

Game Programmer.

Support Representative.

3D Modeler.

Texture Artist.

Brand Designer.

Music Composer.

Are YOU toon enough ?!!?!

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Wait. ToonTown Redux in this Post and ROBLOX in the Title? This is absolutely confusing...


Ah, okay. That makes more sense. But since this is ROBLOX, you'll have to do a lot of changes to the Character via RBLXLua. The same goes for everything else such as Mini-Games.