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PHP Need help with Wordpress plugin box size.


Active Coder
Hello, i need to edit my Wordpress page, there is a calendar plugin that has 2 boxes: (Category, Calendar) on the top right corner. I need to make those drop down menu boxes a little bit bigger, so they would stand out more and it would be easier to notice them. What file or files i need to edit to change the boxes size?

Site is here:

I know that when i use "Inspect" in Google Chrome browser i could find where these two codes are located and in what file they are stored, but at the moment i cant seem to find them...
To make the adjustments to the select box you are referring to it only takes editing some CSS. To answer your question about where to place this custom CSS, I always recommend a child theme that holds all of your custom styles. Look in your theme's documentation about a child theme and see if you can install one with full compatibility.

A possible easier solution in your case since you use Elementor is to look somewhere in their admin settings for a "Custom CSS" field where you can enter your custom styles. You don't need to edit any files in this case, but you will have to remember you've entered custom styles into the Elementor plugin.

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