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On Ubuntu, how do you get all timestamps with file backup?

1/15/2024, 1:06PM, I think I am done with both recorder and restorer. I made it just timestamps. Some tips, to make it go faster eliminate manifest and just do < <(ls -a), in debugfs, use second precision for regular timestamps and _extra values for nanos, nanos x4 with that, and timestamps in order created, accessed, modified, changed. That in debugfs came from Theodore Ts'o, maker of debugfs, and also from Petri Kaukasoina at linuxquestions.com with confirming it works. Also, unmount main drive and use a secondary for restore to work. This is safe as long as you do it correct even with non-existent setting. Hope this helps and maybe find like my code some time distributed. To answer like my original question, yes, it can be done. Maybe not Windows comparability entirely though. Maybe with WSL. X E.
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