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Raspberry Pi Cases


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Ill admit the last one the PI4 case is awesome but way unnecessary lol. My Pi4 4GB runs a server doing around 50-100 connections a second with 148 Processes at current, its passive cooled with 2 little heat sinks and its around 55c-60c and honestly that's fine on a hot day it might reach 65c.

Pi3b has a clear case with a fan and that's stupid low, i think 30s 40s but i haven't checked in a while and that runs the 3d printer so the cooler the better as i don't want it to over heat and slow down.

Then i have 2 Pi zeros W,Those are hooked up to a USB board, really nice blue glow too but they are passively cooled like the 4b, they have been running 2 scripts for 3 months now, no breaks. The cpu is always above 60% and maxs to 100% often 🙂 and that sits at 45c - 50c very comfortably.

As long as you dont box them in or hide them away with no air flow they don't need fans 😀 What are you planning on running on them 😀
Yeah that last case is pretty crazy. But definitely awesome.

That's some interesting/constructive information there Simon. I was suprised you've got four of them. And it's reassuring to know that the Pi can handle a fair amount of work and not break down. One question for you. What does "nice blue glow" mean?

I don't know what I plan on running on it and that's probably why I haven't bought one. Then again maybe I should get one purely for ornamental reasons. After I make a super cool case for it of course!
Ive attached a image with the Pi Zeros hooked up and the PI4b at the back but your cant see it much 😀 The blue glow is just to tell me they are turned on, i could solder them off but i quite like the blue glow 😀 I have got quite a few, i do how ever need another Pi4 for my lawn mower as i don't think a Arduino will handle the build and 2 more PI Zeros, i may also replace the 2x Atom laptops at some point with 8 Pi Zeros just to save on electric and room.

I would just buy one lol, i had my Pi3b for 2 years before i did anything with it, just make sure to buy lots of SDs as if you do alot of wipe and restart with them they fail really easy.

Pi Zeros.jpeg
I was hoping you'd upload a pic. Nice one. But I still don't get where those blue lights are coming from. You are obviously more technically minded than I am.

Just buy one? Maybe. It would be cool if you could build the board from scratch. You know like a "Hey, look what I made!" kind of thing. Maybe I should look into that. Or maybe I should just keep looking at those Javascript web pages instead! How are you intending on using the Pi4 with a lawn mower? Thanks for the tip about the SD cards 🙂 And yes the Arduino, I recall that. Ah so much to do so little time.
So when you get your PI Zero it has no USB charging, it needs to be powered via a micro USB, bit of a pain for cables. So what this does is its a board that attaches to the bottom and connects a USB port to the micro USB bottom connections so i can power it via USB like so. The blue lights are 3 surface mounted SMDs on the power line by the looks of things, they have no function apart from telling me it has power 😀 and looking awesome.
That is just a polite way of saying ive electrocuted my self more times lol, i could never get the hang of soldering though.

I mean you probably could, in the crudest form all it is, is a micro controller, usb ports, surface mounted resistors and capacitors but as the saying goes, why reinvent the wheel and it would probably cost more, although it would be kinda cool and a great project to follow.

AAAA my lawn mower 😀 Ive got 2 Ultrasonic sensors, 1 motor driver and 3x motors. At the start im using my Arduino as its sad seeing it lonely and i will be doing this https://www.circuito.io/app?components=9442,11021,11696,13678,13959,13959,7654330 the idea is the sensors detect whats around it, the arduino works it out and away it goes mowing my garden, Then on V2 i will do this https://www.circuito.io/app?components=9443,11696,13959,13959,200000,7654330 but with a PI4. My only reason is a Arduino is stupid, its just a case off. wall in front turn left. Where a PI could go, wall at 400m, save that for later and make a layout of the garden.
So that's what the blue lights are!

I don't mind reinventing the wheel, my main concern is finding the time to do it.

Your lawn mower idea is brilliant. Very impressive. And those links are great and that website is cool too. Thanks again Simon. Maybe we'll see a 'Check out my lawn mower' thread soon?

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