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Resigning As Lead-Developer Of The WebWareBox



Hey everyone.

It is with great sadness that I announce my Resignation as the Lead-Developer of WebWareBox. Let me explain.

While as the Lead-Developer of WebWareBox, it has been a great journey. I've sank multiple weeks and days into the Project. But as Lead-Developer, I have other things I want to attend to and other things I specifically want to do. WebWareBox is one of those things I want to attend to but not something that I want to specifically focus on forever. I've lost interest in Web-Development. I don't like working with HTML and CSS(And PHP). WebWareBoxis built on those things and that's what I don't like. And since I'm no longer into Web-Development, it means that I want to focus on other things. Primarily, AI, learning new Languages, Software-Development and Contributing to the FOSS Community more. I want to expand into more stuff and continue my Learning of new things in Technology but WebWareBox has become a burden on my life that it's stopping me from doing so. I can't seem to fit in some time where I can continue learning C which is a Language I like and want to continue learning.

Another thing is that, I've did all I can on the Project and now the Project is moving onto a part where PHP and *SQL is going to be heavily involved and required. And I have no interest in those Languages nor' do I have the time to learn them. And it isn't just learning I want to continue. I also want to focus on other aspects of my life. I want to do other things that I haven't and focus on building relationships with others. Again, WebWareBox is stopping me from doing that because I have no time to do any of that.

WebWareBox has been an amazing Project to work on and it definitely has helped boost me into FOSS. But of course, just like everyone else. I must move on to bigger and better things. For the next while, I'll be focus on looking for a new Lead-Developer/Maintainer. If I don't get a new person to take my Role, I'll happily give that position to @Malcolm. And as a note, I may come and stop by to see how the Project is doing and may Contribute some code of my own.

Thank you for reading.

Dan-Kode, Former Lead-Developer/Maintainer of WebWareBox(27th May 2019 - 14th August 2019)

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