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JavaScript Setting iframe src as a javascript variable


New Coder
Sorry if this is a stupid question- I have a project that displays a site in an iframe based on a text box input. I need some way to set the iframe src as a variable so that the iframe can display multiple sites. However, this does not work, and I've scoured the internet for a solution, and can't find it. Here's my code so far: (x is the variable from the text box)
    <iframe id="linkhere" scrolling="yes" height="350" width ="1509" src=""></iframe>
        document.getElementById("linkhere").src = x;
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The easiest way to have an onclick for each (whatever a 'text box input' is) and call the same function and pass the src to that function.
onclick ="controlFrame('google.com')"
function controlFrame(thesrc){
    <iframe id="linkhere" scrolling="yes" height="350" width ="1509" src="thesrc"></iframe>
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