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JavaScript Syntax error line 1 character 1


New Coder
Hi ,
I've never really coded before so bear with me , im trying to run this javascript

const { Chatbot } = require('tchatgpt');
const config = require('./config.json');
const chatbot = new Chatbot(config);
chatbot.refresh_session().then(() => {

I've coppied it directly from the github where the code is from , however Im getting this error when i try to run it , all the necessary files are in the correct location


Windows script host
Rrror: syntax error
code: 800A03EA
source: microsoft jscript compilation error

am i missing a library or is something missing from the code ? i asked chatgpt and it said i could try changing the 1st line to const Chatbot = require('tchatgpt').Chatbot;
however this led to the same error code .
Anyone know whats wrong ?

Thanks for the help
Please use code tags for your code and Java <> Javascript ;)

This might be issue with ES6 vs. ES5. If you rename the suffix of your file from .js to .cjs then will it help?

Also more information would help. Are you trying to run this with browser or with nodejs or something else?
This is valid code ! The error is what you get for trying to execute a Node.js script with the Windows Script host.
I think you just specified the file name on the command line, or perhaps clicked it in the Windows explorer ? I get the same error when I do that.

You need to download and install Node.js and let node run it :
node myfile.js
You also need to provide the required config.json file.

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