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New Coder
I've been coding since the start of the year. I had a 3 weeks break without touching VSC. Lately, i picked up some new courses on udemy and started working on new things. And I happened to bump into an issue that I can not see anywhere. At least that certain type of issue.
It seems like my VSC breaks my Windows while its open, and little bit after that. As I use CCleaner, scanning AV and performance control tools it seems that my laptop's doing fine. All of the sudden my folders started to crash while I'm trying to work. When I'm moving files into workspace folders/any VSC related paths things tend to crash. When I force closing VSC, my desktop icons go numb for a while and I can't do anything really for couple minutes. Then I usually restart whole system. If I'm not placing workfiles before opening VSC it breaks Everytime, and during work it's making things go super slower and inconvinient. It just can not work like that, and I have to do something about it. It was never an issue before that break. I don't see any performance drops till somehow VSC messes Windows up. This issue seem to be little different than similar ones I read online, because my VSC works ok while crashes happen. I can write the code, main window doesn't crash. But for instance, it's impossible to open files thru Windows window/or access files created via VSC in regular Folders view. Whole thing crashes, takes time and frustrates, and I feel like I'm harming my laptop.
I hope it's understandable, and I'm waiting for any kind of help. I feel like I start to understand more things with time and that happens.. life.:) Thanks in advance guys.
I've never had any problem with Visual Studio Code interfering with my laptop, so unfortunately idk how to sort this. Try VSC on another device and see if it works fine. It could be to do with your device's hardware.
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In the meantime i would use the normal Visual Studio or use an online compiler. Hope this helps.
I find it funny that you're suggesting him to use the regular Visual Studio, which is extremely bloated, slow, and has a higher chance of crashing the PC. And about online-compilers, don't use them. They're trash.

@Kmcode, if I were you, I'd take this to Microsoft Support. While quite a few people here on CF use VSCode, I doubt you'll be able to get an answer here, as I also doubt that anyone has had your issue - Hence why I'm asking you to go to Microsoft Support and open-up a ticket and wait for somebody to come along and help you.

As @GameZee stated though, it may just be your hardware. Although, VSCode is built on-top of Electron, which is built on-top of Chromium. So, if your computer can run Chrome, it should have no issue with this. But even then, hardware-issues can still pop-up.

Also, is the computer new or anything? And on another note, try re-installing VSCode. If that doesn't work, again, take it to Microsoft Support. Then if they cannot do anything about it, then you'll have to switch over to another text-editor or IDE such as Brackets, Code::Blocks, Notepad++, Atom, etc.
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As I use CCleaner, scanning AV and performance control tools it seems that my laptop's doing fine.
Well, I guess that solves the problem.
  • Cleaners are known to cause problems, they delete among other things files that Windows needs, just use the Windows Cleanup...
  • AV = snake oil.
  • I have never seen any performance control tools that did not cause problems.
The post is old, but I'll add my two cents:

@Tealk is 100% correct, Cleaners/Optimizers are usually garbage. CCleaner also tries to "clean" the registry now which is a no no. Disk Cleanup(comes with Windows) is all you'd ever need to run, and that's only if you're super low on disk space or having other kinds of issues.

If you're having stability issues with VS Code, there could be a number of underlying problems. I would recommend running system file check, or: sfc /scannow in an Administrative Command Prompt or PowerShell to see if you've got corrupt Windows files.

Assuming that comes back okay, I'd disable and/or remove any anti-virus software installed. Seems crazy, but Windows Defender(with a good ad blocker) is good enough for most people and unless you're visiting some sketchy sites you should be fine.

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