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Where do i start?

Glad you’re looking into web development! First things first, I’d recommend learning HTML and CSS, then from there you can learn JS, PHP etc.

But definitely take a look at HTML and CSS. Most of the websites found on the internet (including this one) are created with HTML/CSS, HTML is considered the skeleton of your webpage, then the appearance and or styling is done with CSS.
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It definitely depends on what you are interested in learning and what you want to do.
I agree with him that HTML/CSS is a great way to start because you can create the visuals you want to see. This is useful because you can create an entire website visually first and then go in to code all of the logic. For example, you can create the "views" for a blog homepage, article page, author profile, and article categories display. That right there might take some time, but with HTML/CSS you can get it all done to your liking.

Once you do that, you can use JavaScript to make things a bit more appealing... You can use different effects and animations, but a lot of that is covered with HTML5 these days anyways so you might not need JS to start off!

If you had all of your pages set up visually, you can then learn some SQL to create a database to store your information... Article titles, content, author info, etc.
With PHP you can find that data in the database, update it, create it, etc...

So, I should clarify that I am not suggesting you make your own custom blog software... I am just using it as an example because it is a piece of online software that needs visuals (views with HTML/CSS), some visual logic (JavaScript), a database (SQL) to store info, and a programming language to send data to and from the database (PHP is one way to do that).

I think you should consider everything I have said here and then make a decision on what you think you would enjoy the most.
Is it creating mock up designs in Photoshop (or by hand on a piece of paper) to then put it online? HTML & CSS
Do you enjoy excel spreadsheets full of data and formulas? SQL
Would you rather spend your time creating cool effects like animations or content showing/hiding based on what the user does? JavaScript
Or perhaps you would rather create server scripts to manage data, create/read files, and run your core site... PHP or something similar.

You have a lot of options, but don't be intimidated. Options are good. Just take your time so you can start off well :)
Personally I think everyone should begin with HTML/CSS to learn how to make things LOOK and FEEL before anything else.

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