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HTML & CSS Which CSS pre-processor do you prefer? SASS or LESS?


Bronze Coder
As many of you may know Xenforo 2 the forums software uses LESS. SASS is also quite popular however and is a great way to tidy up code, use DRY methods (do not repeat yourself) and to use variables and many other neat functions like mixins and things like that. I find that when I coded the theme on my site it was so easy to mix the colors in because I used color variables. This is one of my favorite features of both SASS and LESS.

I'm new to both SASS and LESS but it's a great way to tidy up your CSS and make it much neater. Which do you prefer and why?
Yeah I've been using LESS on Xenforo 2 which is the software CodeForum runs on. SCSS is a great way to code CSS as well. Both are good alternatives to original CSS and I agree that I usually just like to use ordinary CSS but it can really come in handy for bigger projects and also situations where your using a platform to code. Especially for making themes on platforms. You don't have to repeat yourself and can use variables to switch different colors. Comes in quite handy

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