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Hello Coders! I just have a quick announcement regarding member privacy. It was brought to my attention that member ages were being displayed in their profiles. Although not intentional, we don’t need to see members ages, unless you wish to display it. I have went and changed settings for when new members registers it is automatically switched off. I have also turned show year of birth off on current members. If you wish to have it back. You can do this in Account Details. Cheers!
Hello Coders! I'm looking for feedback on our web apps. Our web apps are tools that are made to help you and others develop their project. As of right now, we currently have two web apps. They are CodeForum Compiler and CodeForum PlayGround, and hopefully, more coming soon with your help. Do you have any suggestions and or feedback that we could use to help improve or add to our current web apps list? Feel free to comment on this thread!
Hello Coders! I come bearing some good news! After receiving some feedback abroad on multiple other forums, it was suggested that we add three new forums to better suit certain developer groups. And I think so too! The following: Web Development, Mobile App Development and Desktop Development were added under the Development sections of CodeForum.ORG. If you have any feedback and or questions please feel free to comment below! :) Cheers!
Hello Coders! I'm proud to announce that CodeForum.ORG is officially running XenForo 2.1! I hope all of you enjoy it as much as I have! XenForo 2.1 comes with many neat features that I believe will benefit us here at CodeForum. They are as follows: Push Notifications Editor button management Enhanced editor integration and advanced BB code option syntax Markdown support Tables Reactions URL unfurling Emoji Enhancements Video uploads Approval queue improvements Guest performance improvements Content bookmarking and sharing REST API One-click install/upgrades BB Code and Rich text editing for Profile post and comments You can view the thread by Xenforo here: https://xenforo.com/community/threads/xenforo-2-1-0-add-ons-released.160095/...
Hello Coders! I just wanted to make a note of the recent downtime we experienced and apologize for any inconvenience this may have had on your day. The downtime was result of a few issues with setting up our emails and SSL/htaccess file. As mentioned above the downtime was a result of email, SSL and htaccess erros. I'll explain more in detail on what happened: The issue regarding our email was that while we were setting our records, we accidentally conflicted two DNS A records which result in some users witnessing "hello!" text. SSL is a little tricky, we believe it was a result to the SSL no being installed correctly on our server, but we also found out that our SSL Certificate issuer recently was acquired by Sectigo and could have...
Hello Coders! We have officially changed our name to CodeForum.ORG. As we believe that this change will benefit the growth and attract new members to our community than our previous name, iDev.Network. Please keep in mind that iDev.Network will continue to redirect to CodeForum.ORG until we find a use for it. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me. Malcolm
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