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🛒 Meet the new Code Forum Shop! 🎉 I'm really excited to announce the launch of our new shop. You can get merch ranging from T's and Hoodies to phone cases and my personal favourite, the coffee mug! The Code Forum shop is excellent for getting high-quality Code Forum merch in exchange for helping us maintain our growing infrastructure. That's right, all the funds we receive from merch sales will be used to help maintain and improve our community here. We currently have a select few products in the shop. We have T-shirts, hoodies, toques (hat), phone cases, long sleeves and a coffee cup. But fear not, more are coming soon. (feel free to suggest your ideas for new merch!) I, myself, have the coffee mug. The mug came pretty quickly, and I thought it was packaged well. Although my version was a sample and wasn't 100%, it gave me a clear idea of what the product was like and what you would be receiving when you order. And to me, I think it's a great product, washes well and holds liquids. 😝 All orders will be processed through the shop (Shopify) and fulfilled by our supplier (Printful). Printful has a fulfillment time average of 2-5 business days for non-apparel and 2-7 business days for apparel products, and then shipping is an average of 5 business days. If you do not receive your order after 20 business days, please reach out to [email protected] or starting a personal conversation with me. And a big shout out to @Cam, who became our first customer! 🎉 You can check out our shop by going to shop.codeforum.org or clicking the shop tab. 🚨 Now meet the Code Forum Status Page! 🚨 So have you ever visited Code Forum and couldn't see anything or saw your generic 500 Internal Error and wondered what was going on? Well, meet the new status page. I thought this would be a great addition to the Code Forum community as it would give you an idea of when we are experiencing downtime. In addition, the status page will keep you updated on technical events happening in and around the community. You can also find information related to when maintenance breaks occur and to let you know if we are experiencing email delivery issues. The status page will also be hosted off the server so that the status page will still be available even when we are not. You can visit the status page by going to status.codeforum.org or by 🔗 clicking here. If you have any questions, feel free to ask below.
Hello Coders! I am excited to announce a joint venture between Code Forum and Forumer.io (@Thomasss) for the month of December in an effort to bring our communities together for a charity event to support and fight against AIDS/HIV. We will donate 0.75 CAD for every thread and 0.50 CAD for every post that is made between December 1st and December 31st and be donating proceeds from our charity event to UNAids What is HIV/AIDS? HIV is a hostile virus that attacks the cells that help our bodies protect from infections. Therefore making our bodies more at harm to other infections. How can you help? You can help by creating and posting lots of posts! Current Posting Stats: The current posting stats are the starting point, all new posts/threads created after this thread will be counted towards our event. Threads 1,045 Messages 7,520 RED STYLE We are also releasing a RED style along with this event! So if you want something different feel free to change your style to RED. Click here. Other comments/information: If you would like to know about the organization and or the virus then please visit UNAIDS at https://www.unaids.org/en So as a community let's fight and bring awareness to HIV/AIDS! **Please don't create random puts, keep it related to Coding and make sure it follows our Code of Conduct**
"Reach for the sky!" Wise words once spoken by my idol growing up, Woody. Code Forum has over 1,000+ registered coders within the community, which is by far the most exciting news of all! Just a little over two years, Code Forum has gone through many challenges, but we have always found the solutions to those challenges as a community. Honestly, if you were to ask me if I expected to reach 1k in registrations two years ago, I probably would have laughed and said, "Yeah, right!" I am proud of myself, and I am proud of my staff team. I am proud of everyone at Code Forum for taking a big leap into the unknown. In my eyes, I still see a small community, and I expect it to stay like that. We will continue to focus on our primary goal, providing resources to coders of all skillsets - if it's through question-based threads to providing resources like tutorials, articles, guides etc. We will always be there to help in a helpful and friendly manner. Starting next week, we will start coding challenges back up! So stay tuned for that. We will continue to work on tutorials, guides and other means to boost activity. I mentioned this in our new Year posts announcement, which can be found here. Thank you so much for all your support. We will continue to try and impact all your lives in a positively coding way :) Psst... Everyone will get special 1k badges :)
Happy New Year! On behalf of the Code Forum team, we all would like to wish you a happy new year! @SpicyHobo @simong1993 @rashipande @Thomasss I believe I can speak for all of us when I say this; it’s been a really rough year. Some of us have dealt with great hardships and losses and even suffered in 2020. But, I want you to know that everyone here at Code Forum is family, a coding family. We will always be there when you need help; we will stand strong together in this new year and the next and the next. BIG ACHIEVEMENT! :x3: Now I would like to share our greatest accomplishment. This year alone, we had over 794 new registrations. Definitely, well above the expected registration count, I originally thought. I'm hoping that this year, 2021, we will be able to surpass 794. Which I believe we can accomplish as we have already accomplished this. So cheers to another 794 new registrations! Other great news! We have also been mentioned by several different coding blogs and promotional websites that I felt the urge to share with you guys! Check the links below: https://forumpromotion.net/other/a-successful-forum-has-purpose-community-and-usability ~ Written by our very own @Ghost. https://blog.feedspot.com/html_forums/ https://www.intellectsoft.net/blog/best-programming-forums/# https://codeweb.ca/blog/communities-for-web-designers/ OUR PLANS With 2020 coming to a close, I would like to share my plans that I have instore for Code Forum for 2021. With the great success that we had with registrations, we had some flaws such as activity and posting. So with this and some collected feedback from the community, I have determined that we need to focus more on generating content such as tutorials, guides and other resources. This will hopefully give coders something to read and or engage with when on Code Forum. I will be working on some tutorials this year that I will (hopefully) get out two or more every month. With that said, I'd like to reach out to any coder here at Code Forum. Please don't hesitate to post your own tutorial, guide etc. We learn from each other, so it's beneficial to have multiple different tutorials from multiple different authors. I'm hoping that this year, we can expand on our YouTube Tutorial section. What I mean by this is creating a user group specifically for YouTube coding influencers and give them the ability to post media content (YouTube videos) on their own rather than having me post every single video (however, it will still need to be approved before it can be posted publicly). Code Forum will become more active with events, promotions, and social media platforms, such as Reddit, Facebook, Twitter etc. Our newest addition, @rashipande, will be helping us achieve this goal. She has already shown great passion and determination for the Code Forum community regarding our most recent event (GO RED for HIV/AIDS). In regards to our coding challenges, I have mentioned in the past about doing more challenges; however, it just seems that there isn't enough interest as of right now. I'm hoping to go back to the drawing board and rethink coding challenges. But, I'm hoping that we can get this sorted within the next few months and start hosting coding challenges monthly. Code Forum will continue its current path in regards to its focus. Its focus is to be a question-based community forum, and provide the necessary resources to help coders succeed with their current and future projects. Conclusion With this thread coming to a close, I would like to thank everyone for supporting Code Forum, myself and others in the community. I'm hoping that we have another great year (On Code Forum but a better year than 2020) and continue to successfully grow and help every coder who comes to our doors. Kind Regards, Code Forum Team
Modified February 21, 2020 Code of Conduct Any information within this post is subject to change at any time. Welcome to Code Forum! We are truly honoured to have you with us as a member of the Code Forum community and look forward to the many great things ahead. Before you start indulging in our community, we kindly ask for you just to take a few moments to look over the CC of Code Forum to ensure you and other members have fun and are safe while using our website. Help out the community by: Try to greet new members in the introduction forum! We want to show newcomers that we are a friendly community. You may reply to an old-post if related. Share us! Inappropriate Content: When posting you need to be sure to add some value to your post. Add lots of information, explain yourself, make your posts enjoyable to read. This shall include thread titles, or titles or resources, media items. Make yourself understood. Use proper grammar to the best of your ability. We understand that English may not be everyone’s main language, but make an attempt. You won’t get in trouble for a misplaced comma or typos, but it would help everyone if you could make sure everyone understands your message. Using people's content is okay with their consent if you were not permitted by the author of the original post/content will be removed and you shall be given a warning. Posting illegal/null and or hacking scripts is prohibited (Hacking scripts will result in a permanent ban). Any discussions regarding illegal hacking are prohibited. E.g. to take control and or access data without the permission of the owner. No sharing inappropriate pictures. Before posting a thread asking for help please review (Before asking your question), (Q&A system has changed) and (How to ask a good question). Any posts that contain pornography and child pornography will be removed and your account will be permanently banned. Local authorities will be contacted. When sharing or placing code in a thread/post please format the code using our BBCode to make it easier to read and understand by whoever is looking at your code. Check out the thread that was created about BBCode and examples on how to use it properly. https://codeforum.org/threads/how-to-post-your-code-into-threads.183/ Avoid posting threads and posts that contain a wall of text this is defined as posting a large paragraph or more) Suggestion: Instead format your post in such a way where it makes it interesting and understandable. It should be straight to the point and easy to read. Perhaps add some photos, bullet points, coloured font, code examples etc. Avoid posting screenshots and or pictures of code. It makes it harder to come up with a solution to your question if we cannot copy and paste the code into our personal IDE's. Do not post threads asking for coders to code and or build a program for you. You can request guidance, or team members to assist you but do NOT ask others to do the work for you. Do not edit your original thread content and replacing it with one-liners like "Solved" or "Nevermind" leave it as is, please reply to your thread stating that you have solved and provide the solution. Inappropriate Behaviour/Language: Be respectful towards member's opinions and ideas they may have. It's fair to disagree and to have a different perspective, but present your case on why you disagree thoroughly. When replying to other member's post try to stay on topic, although we will not penalize you, we strongly encourage you to not divert from the topic. E.g. the post is about HTML, but you decide to start talking about cats. Use common sense. This includes but is not limited to avoiding spamming, being excessively rude or arguing against the staff members. If you have a conflict with a member or a staff member, contact the administration through a private message rather than having heated debates in the forum discussions. Avoid using Vulgar, offensive or otherwise obscene names towards staff or another member. Unwelcoming behaviour is not tolerated at Code Forum; this is in regards to posts or replies where statements such as "Google it, search google" and or "that's a stupid question" will result in a warning. We are a community, we help each other, encourage each other. Do NOT just answer a question; give an explanation, facts, share some examples. Code Forum is about learning, we must help each other learn. Do not use 'bump' within 24 hours of thread creation, and or if the post has not had any activity for 24 hours. Modifying and or changing a topic and posting a reply with information DOES NOT count toward a bump. Example: You posted about needing help with C++ but figured out part of your problem before anyone could help you, then you may post a reply. Use 'bump' when you have nothing further to add but wish to bring your or another thread back to the top for more information and or an answer to the thread. Inappropriate Advertising / Spam: Please do not advertise other developing communities at Code Forum. You may, however, reference a resource or a tutorial/guide. This may also include: Services and or products you (others) provide. Do not promote sites on Code Forum; this may include but not limited to forum threads, profile posts, private messaging and or any other affiliation to Code Forum. However, if you are seeking help with your website, app or any other development then you can share a link to help you and others solve your issue. **NEW** When providing links to solutions or articles; please explain the context of the link. The right way of sharing links would be: https://codeforum.org is where you can get help with coding! NOT https://codeforum.org. Visitors and coders should know where the link is going to direct them. OPTIONAL: Share the solution/content within the thread followed by the source URL. This will help reduce the amount of clicks for coders when trying to find their solution. Resources & Media Services: All media and or resources published to resources/media must be approved by an administrator before it can be seen publicly. Any posts that contain pornography and child pornography will be removed and your account will be permanently banned. Local authorities will be contacted. Posting illegal/null and or hacking scripts is prohibited (Hacking scripts will result in a permanent ban). If you plan on buying resources be sure that the resource exists first and that it meets your expectations. Report if you get scammed to administration immediately and contact your bank; scamming will result in account restriction. Posting of 'paid' services and goods is prohibited. We are a free community. Participating in Events & Contests: If you have more than 1 account here at Code Forum, you may ONLY use one to participate. If you are caught with multiple accounts participating, all your accounts will be banned for a period of 7 days. And, you will not be able to participate again. Recommend precautions (OPTIONAL): We advise that you don't share any personal information that could expose your privacy but it is truly up to you on what you share. By this, we mean anything that is publicly displayed via posts or profiles. Name Age Phone Number Email addresses such as [email protected] Address Your IP We advise that you avoid using your real name in your username, post and anywhere else on Code Forum. CodeSkrill Ok username. JohnCode Ok but still try to avoid using any of your names. John Doe Not advisable. Please review our Moderation Guide to understand how we perform our moderation duties here at Code Forum.
Hello, Coders! Status: OPEN. Code Forum has recently surpassed 1000+ registered members and is looking for talented individuals to join our staff team to help shape our community. We are at a stage in our growth that we need to expand our staff team. With the expansion of our staff team, we plan to bring a great number of new features, events and activities to Code Forum. Note: Although coding experience is an asset, all are welcome to apply. Guardian Multiple positions available As part of the Guardian Team, you will assume multiple different roles – Moderating the community, hosting community events, helping members around the community and greeting new members in the introduction’s forum. However, we also expect you to learn something as well. We encourage you to ask questions, get help, be a positive influencer in the community. Flexible hours Aim for at least 30mins to 1 hour a day. Qualifications Registered member of the community. Can work under pressure. Should be able to read & write in English. Should have an idea of what coding is. Should be able to explain what coding is; Should be able to tell us who can code; Should have examples of their coding projects. Responsibilities Always keep the best interest of Code Forum first in mind. While ensuring you are learning something from this position. Leave no thread untouched, even if the answer is not known. Make an effort to help. Ensure that all members are obeying the Code of Conduct. Create a fun welcoming environment for all. Monitor the "what’s new" tab for threads with 0 replies. Review new threads and replies to ensure following rules. Approve/Reject queued thread/posts. Ensure threads are posted in the correct location. May need to move threads to different locations. Editing posts to remove inappropriate links or comments. Lock threads, delete threads or posts if violating rules. Send warnings to members who are violating rules. Handle any reports received from members (can be requested through the report function on posts and users). Assets: Willing to use Slack, Discord or email if provided (Internal communication). XenForo is an asset. Review: https://xenforo.com/docs/xf2/ Of course, most of these qualifications are flexible! :) To apply:
Community Engagement Team becomes Guardians! I am pleased to announce that Code Forum has officially changed the name of our mode Community Engagement team to Guardians. The reason for the change is because I wanted the name to be something unique, something of importance, something the signifies a protector. And so then Guardian Team was born. They will still perform the same tasks, but will just be labelled as Guardians. Please note: The Guardians will still be labelled as Staff Team. @LTomy @SpicyHobo @Thomasss @simong1993 You can view the badge below: I hope you guys enjoy the changes!
Changes in regards to Staff Team. Hi all, I have recently made changes to how we display members of our staff team. And, I believe this will make it less confusing for everyone to understand who does what and who to go to for help. Before we had our Guardians (Moderators) displayed as a yellow colour. But due to new teams being made, and new colours being added it was starting to get a little too confusing. e.g. Who to go to for help? With that, all of our staff teams, marketing, guardians have been merged all into just one "Staff Team". However, "Administrators" will remain the same colour orange. We hope that with this change, coders would understand who to go to for what. Our team is there to help you. Quick round down of the colours and the teams within the Staff Team. Although I listed who does what below, you can reach out to anyone for assistance. Administrator @Malcolm (me) I'm the site owner/administrator I can deal with everything. Staff Team Guardians Any moderation duties are responsible for the Guardians. @Thomasss @LTomy @simong1993 @SpicyHobo Marketing Marketing deals with more social media aspects of Code Forum. @rashipande N/A Code Forum Team!
Hello, Coders! This thread was created to keep you updated on when we update site features, software. Any bugs or problems please let us know by posting in the Community Hub.
We stylin' After plenty of feedback, we have finally implemented both a light and dark style for our community to choose from. Whether you prefer dark or light you can select them from either your Account Preferences or down by the footer (brush icon). Many hours were dumped into styling both these styles, however, due to many different variables and properties, we may have missed something. So if you noticed something that doesn't look right, please report under the Community Hub forum. We hope you enjoy them just as much as we enjoy making them! :)
Hello Coders! I just wanted to share with you our social media accounts so if you wish to tweet us or share with us you can shoot us a message. This thread will also serve as a spot to see all of our official social media accounts. Discord: https://discord.gg/vpA4RNj Twitter: https://twitter.com/CodeforumORG Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/codeforum.org Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/codeforum/
Hello, Coders! I have made major changes to the forum layout, in hopes to make it easier for new and existing coders when browsing the community. Please read carefully as some forums have been removed and some have been changes. Coding/Programming Language > Split Coding/Programming Languages has now been split into two categories - Front-End Languages and Back-End Languages. Within the front-end category, we've got the languages that are visible to the user e.g. HTML, CSS and JavaScript. While back-end category, we've got everything that deals with server-side languages, this includes C++, Java, PHP etc. I have also changed the default thread type to question related posts. However, if not a question you can disable the voting feature. The forum Coding/Programing Languages were changed to Other Back-End Server Languages, this is where you post if there is no other forum that fits the language you are needing assistance with. Additionally, I have added a new forum called 'Terminal' into Back-End Development, this is where questions related to using the terminal, shell, git and or anything terminal related goes. New Category Computer, Server and Hardware Configuration This category is where questions/discussions regarding configuring computer and server software to hardware configuration. You can share your computer build, as questions on how to configure your web server or how to update your OS. Operating System Category The operating system category has been moved into Computer, Server and Hardware Configuration and all sub-forums were merged into Operating System. Developments are now known as Project Development I have renamed the Development forum to Project Development and moved Project Marketplace into Project Development as well. Please keep in mind that Web, Software, App and Game Development forums are for when getting help issues that have more than one language involved (HTML & CSS can be posted in Front-End). The databases forum has been moved to the Back-End Development category. Summary of changes Front-End Development HTML & CSS JavaScript: Sub-forum Node.js Back-End Development C++ C Programming C# Java .NET PHP Python Lua Databases Terminal Other Back-End Server Languages Project Development Web Development Mobile App Development Desktop Development Game Development: Sub-forum Unreal Engine, Unity and Godot. Project Marketplace I hope you all like these changes! If you have any concerns or questions feel free to contact any member of our staff team.
Hello, Coders! I am pleased to announce that Code Forum is now running on XenForo 2.2. As mentioned in our previous update thread that can be found here, Code Forum has plenty of new features. Weekly Activity email, username change requests, Forum Types, Profile Banner and etc. All forums should now be set to the correct forum type and everyone should be able to request name changes, upload profile banners etc. Please take note, that we are currently running on an unsupported version of XenForo. I wanted to kinda take the risk and help out the XenForo.com community with any bugs. Thread Types Discussion - This thread type is intended to be used for more discussion-based posts. Question - This thread type is used to find a solution to a problem. Article - This thread type is used to post tutorials, guides, news etc. Poll - This thread type is used to get the opinion of a topic from the community. Community Voting The previous voting system is now back, coders can vote/downvote posts and select solutions. I'll quickly go over how the community voting system works. In Programming and Coding Languages forum and some other forums, when creating a new thread you'll notice three tabs 'Discussion' 'Question' and 'Article' if you are looking for a solution to a problem. Then click on the 'Question' tab and ask your question (while using BBCode formatting and following How to ask a good question). As replies come in, other members can vote on the reply that best fits your solution then if it works, you can mark it as a solution by clicking the checkmark. The post will then be displayed as a solution. Username Changes With XenForo 2.2 comes the ability to change your username without any addons etc. And XenForo makes it much easier to change your username as well. To change your username, click on your username on the top right of the navbar. Then navigate to Account Details, you'll then see your name with the button 'Change' beside it. Fill the required information that follows and your username change will be processed. User Profile Banners Changing your profile banner is very similar to what it was before XenForo 2.2. Just navigate to your profile, then click 'Edit Profile Banner'. Select your image and save. Similar Threads Widget When posting a quick-reply you'll now see a list of similar threads below. That looks a bit like this: Thank you for reading my long boring announcement! If you find a bug please report it in the Community Hub so that we can squish it! :)
Hello, Coders! Code Forum is about helping each other, that's why today I'm announcing a new feature that will help YouTube streamers and coders. This feature as you may have already noticed on the homepage is a slider that shows multiple different types of YouTube videos of coding tutorials. Everyone learns in different ways, some learn better by hearing or visual etc, that's why I think displaying YouTube videos will help even more coders learn and understand. With this feature, I hope it will help coders here on Code Forum but also help YouTube streamers by gaining traffic. How can I share my video? Not anyone can just post their video as of right now. You have to send @Master Yoda a message, with your channel and videos you wish to share. We will eventually implement a new group "YouTube Influencers" where they can post on their own behalf. Will, there be more selection? Of course, I'm in the process of reaching out to more YouTube Streamers. If you have any suggestions or know someone who may want their videos shared, have them message me on Code Forum. How do I view all the YouTube videos that have been published? Very simple, just click the title "YouTube Tutorials" and it should bring you to all the videos posted within YouTube Tutorials. If you have any questions, please feel free to reply to this thread!
Howdy, Coders! Many of you are probably noticing a few of the many changes that we have made to Code Forum. Today, I am happy to announce those changes in this thread! These changes range from Badges all the way to the backend server and future changes coming. Down below I will go through many topics in much more detail, but here's a brief overview of all the changes. Badges, Changes to Site Rules & Guidelines - additional rule added, New posts button, Editor changes, new server, new onboarding features and our coding challenge. Editor Changes Over the last couple of months, we had a problem where many new coders would post raw code within their posts, which made it very hard to read. Rules were added, many warnings were given out. However, this wasn't a fix, it created even more problems. We thought of many different solutions and came up with changing the layout of our editor was our best option. Before you would have to go through a dropdown (...) and select </>, which wasn't very user-friendly to new community members. Now, you can simply find </> and >_ within the editor toolbar. As shown below: Badges Badges aren't really a new feature at Code Forum. However, when we first came out with badges we gave them out like candy on Halloween. Which didn't give them a uniqueness to them, therefore it didn't make you want them.. We have overhauled the badges, and we know, sounds harsh but took all the badges away from coders who had them. You can now request badges etc by creating a thread within Apply for Accessories within The hub. However, obtaining badges must meet the conditions and criteria or your request for the badge will not get accepted. These badges are awarded to coders of the community who show great knowledge within the badge field. Check out some of the new badges below: (You can also go to help > badges) This badge is given out to all Community Engagement members. This badge is awarded to coders who have more than 50 solutions. This badge belongs to the owner of Code Forum. This award is given to coders who have great knowledge of HTML. This badge is awarded to coders of the community who have published an app to the app store. This badge is awarded to coders who show great knowledge with Python. This badge is given out to coders who have a great experience with the terminal. This badge is given out to all coders who joined Code Forum within its first year. October 2018-2019. Site Rules & Guidelines changed to Code of Conduct - New rule added In regards to our Site Rules & Guidelines, we have changed the name to the Code of Conduct. We felt that the Code of Conduct looked more appealing, had a shorter abbreviation (CC) that was easier to remember and made it sound more significant. With that said, we have also added a new rule regarding Wall of Text. We often saw posts that contained a large amount of text but wasn't very attractive to read. This does not mean you are not able to post with large amounts of text, just simply split it up, format the post and in other words make it more interesting to read. View the rule down below. Tip: Take a look at how this thread was formatted. Upcoming XenForo Update/Clean up As you may have noticed, Code Forum currently runes on XenForo 2.1, however within the upcoming weeks we should expect XenForo 2.2 to be released. XenForo 2.2 will come with many new features and improvements that will benefit Code Forum and our community. Some of the new features will allow us to clear some clutter among our installed add-ons due to them being added to the core software. Some of these features include: User Profile banners - Upload banners to your profile to make your profile more attractive and beautiful. User Account username changes - Allow the coder to change their own username. Activity Email (Weekly digest that was being sent weekly). With XenForo 2.2, comes with some new features as well that we believe Code Forum will greatly benefit from, here are some of them: Progressive web app - which will allow Code Forum to behave like a native app on a phone or windows machine. Create/Reply to threads before registering, as you submit it will ask the poster to register. Text editor and attachment manager improvements. You can view more at https://xenforo.com/community/forums/have-you-seen/ A new server who dis? We have recently migrated to a new server... Bet you didn't notice. We decided to make this move due to several different reasons. The first thing was that backups were scheduled based on our hostings time, which would back up once a day. But we weren't able to select what time, this wasn't ideal because we would have to wait for a backup to make any changes or improvements. Second, was that if we needed to install modules or extensions we would have to submit a ticket to have the hosting company to change them - again was not ideal. The third was that I have many other website projects that I am currently working on and purchasing multiple different hosting plans was not cost-efficient. So I bought a VPS, where I could manage all my websites, install and backup whenever I needed to. Onboarding New Coders We now have a new onboarding feature that newly registered coders will able to participate in to help them get up to speed. The onboarding feature will give the new coder a set of tasks that should be completed to help complete their account. The current tasks for newly registered coders are: Upload an Avatar Create a signature Create your first thread Verify your email Reply to a thread We're hoping that this will help engage new coders in the community. New Posts Button We have enabled the "New Posts" icon back onto the homepage to allow posts to be easily found. We hope with this change it will help posts get more attention. Code Challenge Welcome our first challenge of 2020 - The challenge is to develop a program or script to convert minutes into seconds. https://codeforum.org/threads/code-challenge-01.948/ Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to read this announcement! :) Have a good day and happy #coding!
Hello Coders! I come bearing new gifts! I hope you are all having a wonderful day today, and learning lots! Firstly, just want to apologize for my absence lately. My work schedule is getting busier and working tires me out but that's no excuse for me abandoning my fellow coders. So I'm going to push myself much more to try and improve your experience at Code Forum. And with that, I'm hoping I'll be able to do this by using the community to help myself better to improve my skills in hopes that it may encourage you guys to do the same! With improving your experience at CF, I've made a couple of changes that I believe will help Code Forum stand out. I have changed one of our forum names from introductions to "Hello World"; as I felt like it would be unique on a coding forum. Also, we now have new awardable badges! I have recently come across a new add-on on XenForo by CMTV that would give me the ability to award badges to individuals; particularly ones who contribute to our community with tutoring other members and or have a great deal of experience in particular languages. You can view the current badge's here: https://codeforum.org/help/badges/ and think this could work as a solution for this post: https://codeforum.org/threads/user-ranks.375/. You can now find that the smilies bar is located at the bottom of the text editor to make it much easier to insert smiles into your threads. :) Once again, I do apologize for the lack of activity. I will be going through the hub and making sure there are no missed introductions, suggestions or help questions to ensure that you are all being heard. I have been working on a new article called 'Coding VS Programming' which I'm explaining the difference's between them, and think many of us will find useful. Thank you for reading! And Happy Coding! :coffee::alien:
Hello Coders, I started Code Forum back in October of 2018 - with one goal, to help myself and others learn to code. One year and six months later we are still working towards that goal and have made significant progress. Today, I would like to share some very exciting news; Code Forum has officially reached 400 registered members and with this achievement comes our future plans! Lets go over some of the new changes and future plans. Coding Challenges - have been re-worked. Lets go over those changes.. Topics of coding challenges will now be taken from (https://codeforum.org/threads/code-challenge-pitch-your-idea.935/) at random that were suggested by you. Time is valuable and so that's why we will try to make the challenges quick but will help test your skills and newly founded knowledge. Code challenges will not only be posted on Code Forum but CodingHelp as well. Code Forum Discord - has been merged with CodingHelp’s Discord server. The reason being is CodingHelp Discord is far more populated than Code Forum’s and is probably better for finding quick help. Our Discord integration will remain the same, connected accounts will be shown with the role ‘CF Member’ on CodingHelp’s Discord server. You will also still receive notifications if you receive a personal message on Code Forum, and last but not least, any new threads and posts will be displayed within designated channels created for Code Forum to keep you updated on any new site posts while using Discord. Community Events - a little while ago I mentioned that Code Forum will start hosting community events e.g. (build apps as a community, develop small games etc). This has ultimately been put on hold until we grow a little larger. Forum Layout - The forum layout has been changed to more of a grid layout. I personally find this to make the sections look cleaner and easier to find. As we continue to grow, it is important that we as a community work together in keeping our community active. With that being said, I encourage all to post more coding tutorials, guides and references. And, also would really like to emphasize that if you are stuck, don’t hesitate to ask. Better yet, if you have been putting a way at a coding issue and finally found a solution; by all means share it with the community. Congratulations everyone! :)
Hello Coders! Code Forum is committed to helping every coder in achieving their goals no matter what level experience they are. With that said, we encourage coders to ask questions! However, we strongly advise that you format the question in such a way that it can be easily understood. Your thread/question should clearly state what you're trying to do and in what language, the problem and what have you tried already (if you found the solution, could you please provide the solution so it can help others with a similar problem). But it all starts with your title, before posting your thread/question to ensure that you have an understandable title. A good, straight to point title. See some examples down below. YES: 1. How do I link an external Stylesheet to my HTML document? 2. Is it possible to build a compiler using C++? 3. How do I create an if statement in JavaScript? NO: 1. What should I change my name too? 2. What should my site name be? 3. Help! When you have received some answers to your question and you have found a solution to your post; make sure to select the post as your solution by selecting the 'Check mark' on the post. For more information please review: https://www.codeforum.org/threads/code-forums-q-a-system-has-changed.617/
Hello, Code Forum. I am excited to share with you some news with you about me and Code Forum. I will briefly go over my current situation, our recent achievement and our new partnership! My current situation With the ongoing global crisis, and just like many others my job is classified as an essential service. I used to work 10-hour shifts but have recently accepted a promotion that requires me to work 12 hours shifts. Unfortunately, this does not leave a lot of time for Code Forum. With that being said, I apologize for being around less, but I can ensure that I have my best interests in Code Forum still and I will continue to grow this community. Code Forum is nearing 400 registered coders Woohoo! Code Forum continues to grow every day. We have now gotten to a stage where we are growing on our own. With this, we aren't stopping our efforts in marketing but shift our focus on its current member-base. This includes boosting activity, creating more community events, getting answers to unanswered threads and to grow our staff team. Yeah... haven't really followed this :rolleyes:, however, I have recently been thinking that as a community we should build an application that could help people with our current crisis. But, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this! With Coding challenges, it has been a challenge itself. As I'm not too advanced in programming yet to come up with coding challenges for the community to participate in. I'm hoping that once the community engagement staff get on their feet we would be able to start rolling out more challenges. However, I would like to extend an invitation to you - if you have an idea of a coding challenge and or an event please feel free to share with me. I'd be more than happy to look over and discuss it with you. My current plan is that we will start hosting community-coding events when we hit a coder base of 450-500 registered coders. In the meantime, we will continue to host more frequent coding challenges to keep coders engaged and active. This will keep coders skills and help what they recently learned, stay fresh in their minds. I would like to personally thank each and every one of you who has shown much support for Code Forum and coders seeking help. Let's keep this up! This community was founded on creating a friendly environment for all coders no matter of skill and or experience. Thank you so much! And, please don't hesitate or feel shy to try to help out other members, you don't necessarily need to know the answer but help troubleshoot, point the author in the right direction. Code Forum has officially partnered with CodingHelp! CodingHelp is a Reddit community by @DudeThatsErin, we are working together to help members of our communities learn and overcome challenges when coding. With this partnership, we will be hosting joint-community events, coding challenges, contests and more. Together we will help each other find solutions to our communities' problems. Every question or problem you and coders encounter is our problem. And we will use our resources and userbase to help each other succeed in finding a solution. You can review the CodingHelp statement by clicking here. With this partnership Code Forum has merged its Discord server with CodingHelp. CodingHelps Discord has a larger amount of users connected than Code Forum and makes more sense if we merged with them. You may be wondering if notifications to Discord from Code Forum will remain, the answer is yes. Any posts which are made on Code Forum will be posted on the Discord still. I have high hopes that this partnership will bring great joy and success to our communities and help our member base succeed. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to share down below or send me a private message! :) Thank you! Master Yoda
Hello Coders! I have recently made the decision to scrap the post comments feature. The reason that I made this decision is because I found that it didn’t look good and affects the flow of the thread posts. No data was lost in this removal. The comments were just inserted into the thread post flow. I hope this change benefits the community. If you have any questions or wish to provide some feedback please feel free to post down below. :)
Moderation Techniques Hello Coders. As mentioned in the past, I would like Code Forum to remain transparent and would like to show you how moderation will be carried out from now on. Code of Conduct has been broken down into three main categories: Inappropriate Content, Inappropriate Behaviour/Language and Inappropriate Advertising / Spam with a few smaller categories. Each category warning will be given based on the rule that was broken. Glossary: Before we begin, please review the glossary to help you better understand what certain abbreviations stand for: AWP - Active Warning Points. IC - Inappropriate Content. IBL - Inappropriate Behaviour/Language. IAS - Inappropriate Advertising / Spam. Please review the table for new warnings and warning points: If an offender does not have ANY active warning points give a reminder for the first offence. If warning points active apply regular pointed warning. illegal content, hacking and or null scripts ban permanently. Notify admin. Child pornography, pornography ban permanently. Notify admin. List of warnings and point values: Warning Warning Points Comment Inappropriate content (IC): Reminder NO Warning point 0 Apply for the first offence. Inappropriate Behaviour/Language (IBL): Reminder NO Warning point 0 Apply for the first offence. Inappropriate Advertising / Spam (IAS): Reminder NO Warning point 0 Apply for the first offence. Inappropriate content 1 If reminder fails, apply to a warning. Inappropriate Behaviour/Language 1 If reminder fails, apply to a warning. Inappropriate Advertising / Spam 1 If reminder fails, apply to a warning. Not using BBCode 1 if the first offence, use IC. If abused use Not using BBCode warning. Warning: Hacking, illegal/null scripts 10 Coder will be permanently banned. Warning: Porn/Child Pornography 10 Coder will be permanently banned. If warning points are active (Active warning points (AWP)) & results: AWP: Result: 1 Nothing. 2 Account set to discourage until points expiry. 3 The account added to the group "restricted account". 4 The account added to the group "restricted account" and is automatically banned for 1 day. 5 Permanently banned. 10 Permanently banned. (Child porn/porn, illegal scripts). Thank you!
Hello Coders, We have made recent changes to our privacy policy and site rules and guidelines. With the hopes of protecting all of our privacy. Code Forum is a coding community, and we come here to learn, build and share our work. With that being said, we would like for your information to stay protected and private, and using your personal information does not help us achieve this. We have implemented a few guidelines that will hopefully work. A summary of these guidelines includes the following: using your full name in your username or anywhere on your profile visible to guest or other coders, displaying your age, email, address and other information that can or could be used to identify you on your profile, your posts and anywhere else under the codeforum.org domain should be avoided but of course it is up to you. Why the sudden change? It was a recent request for Personal-data request, it made me realize that Code Forum does not need your age (but for registration purposes), your real name or any other information such as this. The whole purpose of Code Forum is to help, to help everyone learn to code no matter what skill set you possess. I want to think that we’ve helped many coders so far, and I would like for us as a community to continue this trend of helping others. What have we done to show awareness of these changes? I have edited the privacy policy, Site rules and guidelines, and have posted a notice for everyone to see. With that said, I have begun the painful process of messaging coders who contain a person’s name within their username. However, if the message goes unnoticed, your account may be infracted or potentially terminated (deleted). What can I do to help? If you spot personal information being shared, please report it. And, please do ensure that your profile or post doesn't contain any personal information. Go over your profile and decide what you want to be shared with the public or not. Exception? You may message me or any admin to be given an exception if you are really fine with posting your personal information. I hope with these changes; you’ll be satisfied with our attempts to ensure your privacy is protected. Thank you for reading, Master Yoda | Site Management
Hello Coders! I am pleased to announce that CodeForum.ORG now supports Q&A questions; You can now ask questions by selecting the "Question" option under thread status when creating a new thread. And when members start replying you and other members can vote on the answers. If one has successfully helped you, you can mark as "Best Answer". When you ask a question; Your thread will be given a prefix of "Need help" which means you are looking for help. Let's say if you chose a best answer, then the prefix will be "ANSWERED".
Hello Coders! I have a very important and exciting announcement! CodeForum.org now supports "Community Voting" again. I'll quickly go over how the community voting system works. In Front-End and Back-End development forums and some other sections, when creating a new thread you'll notice three tabs 'Discussion' 'Question' and 'Article' if you are looking for a solution to a problem. Then click on the 'Question' tab and ask your question (while using BBCode formatting and following How to ask a good question). As replies come in, other members can vote on the reply that best fits your solution then if it works, you can mark it as a solution by clicking the checkmark. The post will then be displayed as a solution. DO NOT MARK SOMETHING AS THE SOLUTION IF IT IS NOT TRUE. And, if you find a solution share, then mark it as the solution.