1. stevan

    Python Python compiling error (Python Beginner)

    I'm trying to get data from my temperature and humidity sensor and write the data to a JSON file every minute. I started learning Python two days ago, so I have no idea why these errors occur (the output is in the attachment): The Code: import time import board import adafruit_dht import...
  2. notaverygoodprogrammer

    Python How to fix beginner project issue (Guess the Number game)

    Hi, I'm working on a small game where the computer generates a number, and you have to input (like guess) a random number. Then, the computer will tell you whether the guessed number is too big or too small, or if you guessed it right. I might not have imported the random number correctly, but...
  3. AzureEyed

    Python Python - simple beginner question

    Hello, I wanted to ask for a shortcut to mark multiple lines and put them as comment, I don't mind if each line has # at the beginning for example: The code is: 1. print("hello world") 2. print("hello world") 3. print("hello world") I want to make it: 1. # print("hello world") 2. # print("hello...
  4. TobiasDesigns

    HTML & CSS Looking on how to merge these two html codes. Every-time i try to merge them i mess up. Long question from very much beginner

    More info is on the bottom, im trying to merge 2 f2u templates together, specifically a snippet of one html onto another. And i am struggling tremendously, im sorry i have to put so many links, i really just cant share it all here :-: ive been looking for help and trying to fix it mysefl fir...
  5. S

    C Conditions for printf()?

    Hello, I'm fairly new, and I was wondering, why does !(printf("Hello world")); still print "Hello world? Even though it's using the logical NOT operator... As well as if it was used as a condition in a while() loop... while(!(printf("Hello world"))) {} Why does it print only once? I thought...
  6. chadcode

    HTML & CSS Where should I start to learn Web development?

    I believe that in order for you to learn something effectively, you have to make a plan. Many people are confused about where to start in order to become a web developer. Therefore, I decided to share with you some of the videos that guided me and helped me to learn html and css. First video...
  7. B

    What would be the learning path for mobile development, and would you become a software engineer for it?

    Hello. New to code forum here. I am getting into coding, but I am kind of confused about the learning path of software engineering and mobile development. I would like to develop computer and mobile apps, but I would also like to learn web development and other skills that would allow me to have...
  8. C

    JavaScript Decrypt the rail fence cipher for beginners

    Here's the code for the encryption. First every second letter is set and then every other letter(input: abcdefgh; output: acegdfh). I can't figure out the decryption. I figured, seperating the encrypted text in two and alternately taking a letter from each would work. Any ideas for the code...
  9. beluirina

    CSS what does 2=30px mean in css grid (made a typo and it works exactly how i wanted it to)?

    i know this makes no sense but while messing around i ended up accidentally typing that in and thats the exact distance i needed. but if i delete it and try putting 230px or 30 px its not the same at all. what is this?? is it functional? what does it stand for? .display-grid{ display...
  10. beluirina

    CSS what does 2=30px in css grid mean?

    i know this makes no sense but while messing around i ended up accidentally typing that in and thats the distance i need perfectly. but if i delete it and try putting 230px or 30 px its not the same at all. what is this?? can i use it elsewhere?
  11. stratos

    JavaScript need help fixing and understanding

    ive been following a tutorial to make a discord bot for a small server with my friends and am currently struggling to understand why this piece of code is not working. The aim for this part was to get the bot to say hello when i type hello into the server. The prefix is supposed to be used to...
  12. W

    Python Easy Python Help

    Hi, I just began python and made a dice simulator. I am having the following issues: 1)the random integer is always the same (it is a value from 1 to 6, but within the loop it is always the same). Can I fix this or perhaps this is because I'm using an online interpreter?2) After the loop goes...
  13. Strappin

    Need TechElevator help!

    I am a complete novice when it comes to front-end developing. I am knowledgeable in HTML, CSS. And have recently started JavaScript (Taking courses on Udemy, CodeAcademy, Fullstack). I have been looking into coding boot camps, original plan was Fullstack, but have changed to TechElevator...
  14. ghoulishlearns

    C# Question about context in code

    Hello, I'm currently learning C# by reading 'Introduction to CSharp by Rob Miles. I'm still really new at it but I have come across a part where I don't really understand the concept. I don't really understand how ("2.0"+3.0); turns into 2.03, I understand that it takes "2.0' literally...
  15. Malcolm

    C++ How do you swap variables with C++?

    Hello Coders! I'm looking for help swapping variables with C++, I know that you can use a temporary variable but you can also do it without it. Can someone show me both ways? int a = 5; int b = 10; //I want A to 10 and B to be 5. // I think I have an idea, is this correct? a=a+b; b=b-a
  16. Malcolm

    C++ What would be an easy program to build with C++?

    Hi guys, I'm currently learning C++ and I'm kinda wondering what I should build to practice my C++. I know it shouldn't be too complex or I'll never finish it but I'm not sure what to build, I was thinking of a calculator or even a notepad but would that be too much? Any ideas?