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  1. U

    HTML & CSS Solution for my hover "reveal" buttons on mobile?

    Hi Everyone :) I have a set of buttons which flip over when hovered to reveal the link. Unfortunately I didn't realise they're useless on touch devices. Ideally I would like mobile/touch the user to be able to tap the button and reveal the link (the first tap emulating the "hover" function) -...
  2. D

    Answered Need help with cool button effect

    Hello all, I am attempting to create this button on Squarespace using CSS. The thing I can't figure out is how to create that off-set outline. I was thinking box-shadow, but there's no way to outline a shadow, as far as I know. Thanks in advance! Julia
  3. G

    JavaScript Problem running JavaScript code on Apple devices

    The goal is to execute a function when a button with the class .more is clicked. However, after modifying the code to troubleshoot the issue, none of the event handlers are working on Apple. The following code runs without any problems on Android (Chrome & Firefox) and on Windows (Chrome & Edge)...
  4. Johna

    HTML & CSS Line before a button

    Hi everyone, when I put two buttons side-by-side I get a short line before the second button. This only happens when I have two buttons, if I remove the first button, the line isn't there anymore. I've attached pictures to show this. How can I remove this line? Here's my code: <div...
  5. zerojjc

    JavaScript Change background image of play/pause button with jquery

    I used the Jfiddle below to setup a button that would play/pause a background video. However, I need to swap the background image so that when its playing a "pause image" is there, when paused a "play image" is there. https://jsfiddle.net/svArtist/9ewogtwL/ $('.video').parent().click(function...
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