1. D


    cplusplus.com is a Website dedicated to C++ Programmers. It features Tutorials to help you get started on C++, it explains what C++ is and gives some History about the Language and there is even a Discussion-Forum that you can discuss C++ Programming with other Users on. The Site can be found...
  2. D

    Is C++ A Good Language?

    Hey there. So, I'm a person who has a small amount of experience with C[I'm decent at], Java[Meh.] and Python[I'm not good with but I plan to start getting good at along with C and Java]. But, I have been considering whether if I should learn C++ or not. I've read a lot about C++ and it's a...
  3. TableFlipGod

    Need help How to call a function / Edit a value in c++ from c#

    So currently I have a project that wraps around this open source program : Here. And I want my form radio button to set the cap to 30 fps or 60 fps. There is a config type thing in the code shown here #include <d3d11.h> #pragma comment(lib, "d3d11.lib") #include "sigscan.h" #include...
  4. Master Yoda

    How do you swap variables with C++?

    Hello Coders! I'm looking for help swapping variables with C++, I know that you can use a temporary variable but you can also do it without it. Can someone show me both ways? int a = 5; int b = 10; //I want A to 10 and B to be 5. // I think I have an idea, is this correct? a=a+b; b=b-a
  5. Master Yoda

    Quick understanding of Compiler Errors & Warnings in C++

    Hey everyone, so I've been learning C++ these last couple weeks and I thought perhaps I could share what I had learned to help you out. I believe that one of the best things to do to help you learn is to teach others, so here I am! I'll keep this brief and simple, I'll also include the URL to...
  6. Master Yoda

    What would be an easy program to build with C++?

    Hi guys, I'm currently learning C++ and I'm kinda wondering what I should build to practice my C++. I know it shouldn't be too complex or I'll never finish it but I'm not sure what to build, I was thinking of a calculator or even a notepad but would that be too much? Any ideas?