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css help

  1. B

    CSS css issue with banner element

    Hi everybody, I've been learning html/css for three month now and I'm creating my first website at the moment (pure css, no js). Now I've run into a pretty strange problem and got totally stuck. It would be so great if someone would be able to find a solution for this issue. I've created a...
  2. L

    HTML & CSS Masonry Gallery Hover CSS Issue

    I have a great masonry gallery code but needed to add a hover affect that links out that is already coded on the site...only problem is when I add an <a link out it interrupts one css line that I just can’t seem to figure out how to make work! Thanks in advance for ANY assistance on this! This...
  3. sonnystupid

    Z-Index not working

    here's the navbar's original home not going away, the dark brown bar is what i need help removing image of my problem, you can see the white line is the drop-down content hiding, and the navbar itself is sticky, however the drop-down isn't showing. So i'm trying to get a navbar to stick out over...
  4. Ron12345

    HTML & CSS Help Hover animation stop after 1 click one of the tabs

    html: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>Guide Collection</title> <p>Guide Collection</p> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="style.css"> </head> <body> <div class="games"> <div class="tabs"> <button id="dst" onclick="openDST()">DST</button>...
  5. P

    My using CSS @supports does not work with feature detection

    I am trying to perform a specific CSS action on a CSS class if you are using the Edge browser, however, the code I work fails to detect the CSS property that I thought was specific to Edge: .gallery, .game { display: flex; flex-direction: row; flex-wrap: wrap; justify-content...
  6. W

    CSSZengarden Sticky Earth Animation

    Hello everyone! I am having trouble with a webpage of mine I want to submit to www.CSSZengarden.com. I am trying to get the spinning earth's animation position to be sticky so that it scrolls up or down with the page. I had it at one point, however, in my attempt to figure out how I did it, I...
  7. prgti_free_coder

    animation using html and css

    Hey, I don't know if this is a platform to promote my youtube channel or not.. I'm new to this forum.. and here to inform you about my new youtube channel 'PRGTI free coder' animations by using html, css and js. if you are beginner in coding world and want to make animations then don't forget...
  8. J

    HTML & CSS I can't get the unordered list

    I'm trying to make a unordered list, but it doesn't work. I think the problem comes from the css file. At first I thought the problem was from section, but then I decided to try only the code for the unordered list in a new blank html file where everything turned out as it should. At the moment...
  9. Z

    CSS CSS w3 : moving elevators

    hi im kind of new at this forum so please go ez on me :blush: i want to add Manual Slideshow like it in this link it works but still the prev & next button r not in the right place still dont know how can i put them in the right place as its showen in the link it should be in middle @import...
  10. trish_tree

    CSS Nav menu hover animation

    Hi team, Here's the css code below I put it in the wordpress, I using the Bridge theme, there's custom CSS I can add on. it supposed to show the underline animation when hover, but it didn't work as I expected, could anyone help to check where's wrong, thank you! here's the example for the menu...
  11. N

    CSS Hide WIX css

    Hello i am trying to hide css from a wix template. The screenshot below has the div i want to hide highlighted. WIX gives you the option to add custom code to the header by linking style sheets. I can see style sheet in the source code but my custom css isnt overwriting the class. This is...
  12. LilyTalmers

    CSS Autofill breaks Glassmorphism

    I'm trying to create a form and in my text input field I'm using glassmorphism. But when someone autofill the glassmorphism effect disappears. In this picture the first field is manually typed but the last two field are autofilled. As you can see in the first field the glassmorphism effect is...
  13. T

    CSS CSS free help

    I just took a course that showed me all about CSS and I was really glad that I took this course. I wish to share this course with you if you are interested reply to this post and I will send you the direct link to this course
  14. beluirina

    CSS what does 2=30px mean in css grid (made a typo and it works exactly how i wanted it to)?

    i know this makes no sense but while messing around i ended up accidentally typing that in and thats the exact distance i needed. but if i delete it and try putting 230px or 30 px its not the same at all. what is this?? is it functional? what does it stand for? .display-grid{ display...
  15. beluirina

    CSS what does 2=30px in css grid mean?

    i know this makes no sense but while messing around i ended up accidentally typing that in and thats the distance i need perfectly. but if i delete it and try putting 230px or 30 px its not the same at all. what is this?? can i use it elsewhere?
  16. Stefan7kk

    HTML & CSS How to move description below image?

    How to move description below image? https://www.ecrindefleur.com/products/aloe-vera
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