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css & javascript

  1. T

    JavaScript How to make CSS animation show on page for a set time on page reload

    so I have a js loading animation with a progress bar that I want to show on page load. I put this under the JS section because I assume js is needed for this to work. If the page loads quicker than the 1s animation, then I want it to hide everything else and play the animation, then show content...
  2. A

    JavaScript Toggle four photos with a click

    Hi friends: I was successful with toggling two photos. I am trying to expand it to four photos without any success. I am grateful for your helps. <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>Switch Images</title> <style> *{margin: 0; padding: 0; box-sizing: border-box; }...
  3. developpersoft

    JavaScript How to transfer payment from website to bank account?

    Hi, I hope you're well Please I Have a Website for payment form I need the code to let user transferring payment from website to bank account . here is the code for payment form so I need someone to add javascript code for transaction. <button type="button" class="btn btn-primary launch"...
  4. L

    Carousel slider doesn't work

    Hello, I just followed a videotutorial on how to build a carousel slider. Once I was done i tried it out, but it didn't work. Nothing happens when I click on the words left/right. I looked trough the whole code, but couldn't find any mistakes. I thought that maybe someone here could look an...
  5. Dan001

    JavaScript Need your help 🤗 : How do I remove hand (pointer) cursor

    hello Is it possible to remove the hand cursor that appears when hovering over a link? 😊 Below my CSS et JS code and in attachment a image. I do not know where to change the code 🤗 I'm not at all an expert in coding. "cursor:none;" doesn't work thank you for your help 😊 <script> function...
  6. A

    JavaScript Closing a window outside as well

    Hi: I am opening a window and closing a window with style.width. I like to close the window with clicking on the body outside the window as well when the window is opened. In https://www.w3schools.com/howto/tryit.asp?filename=tryhow_css_modal it does. I am trying to achieve the same task...
  7. rukuto

    JavaScript How to make a chrome extension to add a break tag after every para tag in a webpage?

    I am not familiar with Javascript, HTML or CSS enough to be able to code a chrome extension. May I know how to go about it or if anyone can make one for me? Thank you. I will only be using it for personal use for reading novels online.
  8. coldy

    CSS CSS Button Animation Question

    Hello! I have a bit of a coding question for you that I was hoping you could help me with. I'm trying to recreate some animated buttons that pulse on hover. You can see them here: https://www.awesomescreenshot.com/video/11208123?key=41467863d04e80302c97bcf799fd969e I've got everything down...
  9. A

    JavaScript fixing external source image display in related posts

    hi as title suggests that how do i fix displaying external source image in blogger using javascript here is the code i am using blogger xml. <div class='relatedPosts'> <div id='relatedPosts'> <script> var labelArray = [<b:if cond='data:post.labels'><b:loop...
  10. Y

    JavaScript Please Help me make the computer game work correctly?

    Hi All, Why won't this JavaScript code work? When I run it in Visual Studio the bird doesn't not move up and down and there no game over box which restarts the came. Please see in the link below at 8 hours and 52 minutes. Best regards, John var hole = document.getElementById("hole")...
  11. kawasaki93

    HTML & CSS how to save my work planing. when i refresh website i lose

    hello, how could I save the current state of the colors of the squares that change when i "double click", and same with the data of the forms, so that they remain saved until I did a "reset" and everything returned to the way it currently looks.Its a sunbed beach app and every box means 2...
  12. K

    JavaScript Javascript Accordion doesn't collapse after is opened

    Hi everyone, I'm relatively new to Js and I would appreciate if someone could help me in this little issue with a accordion. once I click on the accordion it collapses but afterwards doesnt react, Ihave to click outside the div to close it, here is the link on codepen...
  13. A

    JavaScript How to auto select month from drop down using javascript

    I have this drop down and I want to auto select the current month on page load, means when ever the user gets to this page at any time the month drop down gets auto selected to current month, can any one help me in this regard I am new to javascript, here is my drop down html code: <select...
  14. K

    CSS Transparent background when top of screen

    I have a header bar, when my page loads of the page is scrolled to the top I want the background to be transparent so you can see the background hero image cleanly. As the user scrolls down I want the header bar to apply my background color. Is there a way you can do this in CSS or does it...
  15. Johna

    JavaScript Image Carousel Issue with First and Last Image

    I've been trying to make an image carousel for quite a while not, I've finally got somewhere, but there's still one issue. When the carousel moves to the next image, rather that the last image sliding in, it just appears. Same with going to previous Image, but then it's the first image. I know...
  16. Johna

    CSS Is it Possible to Pause a CSS Animation at a Specific Key Frame?

    Is it possible to pause a CSS animation at a specific key frame? I have this HTML: <div id="sliderMain"> <div id="sliderLL" class="st2"></div> <div id="sliderL" class="st1"></div> <a href="#" style="cursor: default;"><div id="sliderM" class="st0"></div></a> <div id="sliderR"...
  17. N

    CSS How do I flip text horizontally and then fix the same text to be read it

    I have a differente types of text inside the div and i want to make it flip with the other text.
  18. Johna

    How can I create desktop applications from html

    I've made an app in Html CSS and JavaScript (I know it's not the best language for making apps but I only know these). I'm made it for android using WebView. I also want to make this app run on windows. Is there a free way to do that? I don't want to use nwjs or electron, because the whole app...
  19. Johna

    Can I make android apps with Html, CSS, and JavaScript?

    Hi everyone, I want to make an android app with only or mostly Html, CSS and JavaScript coding. Is there a free way to do that without needing Android Studio or Android SDK installed, because I don't have space on my computer for that, and my pc isn't good enough to run Android Studio. Thanks : )
  20. Johna

    JavaScript Chrome extension to edit page HTML and CSS not working

    Ok, so the last question I posted I didn't put the code in the </> thing, so I'm re-asking it here. Hi everyone, I made this extension to view unlimited number of Quora pages without having to sign up by removing the sign up popup. I don't know what I did wrong, but it isn't working. My browser...
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