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css & javascript

  1. Johna

    Chrome extension not working

    Hi everyone, I made this extension to view unlimited number of Quora pages without having to sign up by removing the sign up popup. I don't know what I did wrong, but it isn't working. My browser also doesn't give any errors. Here's the code: manifest.json { "manifest_version": 2, "name"...
  2. Q

    JavaScript Need help with JS

    Hello, im not really good at js so if some one know the solution pls help. I found code, and its showing div block on scroll. But its working only with 1 block How can i make working it for all blocks that i create with the same class Thank you! <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en"> <head> <meta...
  3. altrikx

    JavaScript Script work in a specific area

    Hi, I'm not a programmer, so I need help, I will be very grateful! There is a script and you need it to work only in a certain part of the page. This site is built on the readymag constructor, where the creation of a new page is attached vertically to the previous one and creates a longread. So...
  4. R

    HTML & CSS Hover over text show image where cursor is or simply on the right side of the page in center

    Hello, I am having trouble getting my onmousehover to work for this new site I have been working on and would like some help. I need some help with making the hover images appear where the cursor is or just simply above the rules and on the right side of the page in the center. Also, adjusting...
  5. noctis28

    JavaScript Create a hover dropdown list to an exsting button

    Hello, I want to create a hover dropdown list to an existing button. All in the hybris CMS system, I have a button called: applications_pharma_button1 I have a container of three links: the container is called: applications_pharma_links1 I want the list of the container to be shown when...
  6. T

    CSS CSS free help

    I just took a course that showed me all about CSS and I was really glad that I took this course. I wish to share this course with you if you are interested reply to this post and I will send you the direct link to this course
  7. Typhol

    CSS How to execute different site php in css

    Is it possible to execute/run different site php in css? Like Javascript:$.get function. I really need help.
  8. M

    HTML & CSS Difference / Invert Text color, on hovering

    Hello! I am trying to make an awesome effect :) I would like to change the color of the text, to be inverted according to the background of each section/div. From my search, I think that I have to use this attributes as styles. mix-blend-mode: difference; filter: invert(1); What I have try...
  9. bas.3625

    HTML & CSS Help needed on server.

    hey, we're a coding community server for supportl, currently focussing on html, css and javascript. We need people who ar good at coding in our server to help others, since there's a lot of people with questions. we have a pretty active discord with over 120 members and we're growing pretty...
  10. Liljeqvist

    HTML & CSS I need help with a dropdown navbar

    I am currently working as an intern for a company that owns a restaurant/hotel, and they have given me access to their website which they want me to improve. So far I have been able to get a pretty good understanding of the code that the former developer left behind (even though its quite a...
  11. ayanda

    I need clarification in m understanding? Can someone help?

    So a computer reads HTML (also CSS) and JavaScript from top to bottom and left to right, meaning it’s best to write code with that in mind?
  12. shaked shechner

    The footer goes up because of pictures

    We have this we page :(https://rolostack.co.il/%D7%A2%D7%9E%D7%95%D7%93%D7%99-%D7%A0%D7%97%D7%99%D7%AA%D7%94/). You can see that the footer goes up because of the long pictures. Is there a way to fix it? We tried `position:fixed` , but then the footer gets sticky. we want it to be like that...
  13. BubblyBabbooon

    HTML & CSS Basic HTML - CSS template

    These two attached files will help you or your client to get on their feet and start making a awesome website !
  14. Screenshot (63).png

    Screenshot (63).png

    Creating a portfolio for my mate ! :))
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